The Bride and the Budget (Part I)

There’s no getting around it, these days the recession is on everyone’s mind. The increasing costs of gas, living, food and dramatic effects of the housing market have made cause for a new breed of bride, the money minded. Being mindful with what you spend on your wedding could mean the difference between putting a down payment on a house as opposed to scrimping rent together in your first years of marital bliss. Luckily, there are many ways to save and create a beautiful wedding without going into massive debt.

If you have just started your wedding plans, beware that gas prices aren’t the only things to have gone up. Wedding vendors are adjusting their prices to mirror the economic turmoil of the time, so be prepared right from the start.

Try these savvy saving tips:

  • Look at your financial status. No one wants to know their FICO score, credit card balances and bank accounts, but taking a look at what you have to work with is the first step. Don’t pretend that you have more money than you actually do there is always something to work with. There are lots of things you can do before you say “I do” to ensure a beautiful wedding free of money worries.
  • Stay away from the extras. Think of your wedding as a big wonderful extra where foregoing all the little extras such as mani/pedis, $4 lattes, and frivolous shopping is worth the effort.
  • Look at your wedding the right way. Be flexible with your wants to achieve a beautiful wedding as a whole. Not every part has to be totally extravagant. As much as you’ve always dreamed of having dozens of roses as the center pieces of all of your tables, be realistic and try to come up with an alternative that is equally as lovely and costs less.
  • Wedding Insurance. Take the time to cover your bases financially and invest in your wedding. Be cautious and read absolutely everything before signing.

There are lots of ways to save on your big day, and with proper planning, you will walk the aisle not just to wedded bliss, but financial security.

*Michelle Ruiz


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