Writing to Say Thanks!

The wedding is over, the guests are gone, the presents are opened… now what?  Say thanks! It might seem obvious to most people, but I am still awaiting a “thanks” from the very first friend wedding I attended (about 6 years ago). I don’t think it’s coming. And while I know the couple has been busy, you should never be too busy to thank people for their generosity and/or for attending your celebration.


As John recently wrote, thank you cards are the perfect way to introduce TheWeddingLens.com to your guests. This means that not only do your guests feel thanked, but you might get some photos out of it too!

The Wedding Paper Divas suggest sending a thank you note that includes a photo from your wedding day.  In fact, the Divas offer a wide range of Thank You cards – all of which are designed, sent to you, & approved by you via email.

The Wedding Bee suggests doing a clever photo montage through something like Shutterfly so that your guests can remember various scenes from your wedding.

Are you creative? Elizabeth Anne Designs gives instructions for do-it-yourself doily thank you cards. It’s creative but might take a little more time to complete.

That said, any kind of thank you card will do! If you’re on a budget, pick up a package of “thank you” cards from any local store.

But please, don’t wait a year (or more!) to thank your guests.

~ Natasha

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