Do you want the dream wedding?

If so, head on over to the Planet Plans Wedding website and register for a chance to be Bride 2.0.  Ciara Daykins of Firefly Occasions just launched a project to search the world wide web for 3 brides who want to become online wedding sensations.  

If you’re a bride, read more here

Here’s the YouTube video announcement.

Not only is this great for the 3 lucky brides, but the the project also aims to unite the wedding community to help stimulate the sagging economy while also giving charitably to help out other entrepreneurs.

Daykin says “I’m looking for 3 brides to step up and commit to sharing their joy with the world via social networking. In turn, their journey will be an inspiration for generations to come shared via blogs, internet marketing and social media. The cherry on the top is that this entire experiment will stimulate our global economy and support a new charitable organization called Planet Plans Wedding Foundation. The online community following this experiment can step up and give gifts to Bride 2.0 via ”

The search is on for Bride 2.0.  Spread this to your friends and family and help a bride have her dream wedding come true.


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