Tuxedos – Renting or Buying or Using Your Own

As a bridesmaid, I wasn’t worried about what the groomsmen did.  But I’ve discovered that there are decisions involved.  And here they are!

  • Pick a tux that you want all groomsmen to have and ask them to rent that particular one.  Or, The Wedding Bee talks about a website that allows you to BUY tuxedos at a price of 3 for the price of 1 — meaning that it might be more economical to buy the same tux.
  • If your groomsmen already own tuxes, have them wear their own.  If they don’t, you can just let them handle finding one that suits them. (No pun intended) Obviously if you do this, the tuxedos wont match the bridesmaids dresses.
  • Alternatively, you can have the groomsmen that own tuxes wear theirs, but ask them to wear a certain tie or bowtie or vest or cumerbund. And if you’re the groom, you don’t have to match!
  • If you are picking something trendy (And it turns out that there is a new trend in tuxedos at weddings – chocolate brown!) then it makes the most sense to have everyone rent.

All this comes down to how much you want everyone to match — the groomsmen matching each other and matching the bridesmaids — or not!

What are you going to do with your tuxes?

~ Natasha

2 Responses

  1. at a recent wedding i attended, the bride coordinated tuxedo rentals through a large men’s clothing store chain. it turned out to be a really great idea, since all of the men in the wedding party could go to their local branches of this chain before the wedding, get fitted, pay a deposit, and the specifics were then forwarded to a store in in the city where the wedding was taking place. all we had to do after we got there was drop by, pick up our tuxes, try them on to make sure they were altered correctly, wear them at the appropriate time, and then return them the next day. so much easier than worrying about a wrinkled tux in a suitcase or forgetting something important at home (like cufflinks!) and the store even provided shoes. very highly recommended!

  2. I am all in favor of the ivestment of buying a tux. One will always have it to wear again and again. It is a great memory, plus it will fit so much better 🙂

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