What should you do for your centerpiece? Most people do an arrangement of flowers, but you don’t have to! There are plenty of other options out there.

First, if you choose to do a favor for your guests, you can put that as the centerpiece.  I have seen bottles of wine (wrapped in a box) and fancy tea in a box stacked up cleverly to form the center piece. It’s practical and it allows you to use the center of the table (because people can take their favor and put it with their other belongings).

Use an arrangement with candles or use floating candles. It sets a mood and gives you lighting – as well as looking nice.  Here are some photos for DIY candle centerpieces.

Or how about fish in a vase or pretty bowl. The picture makes it look much more classy than I can even begin to describe. 

Be creative with the theme, location, or color scheme! If you are getting married in New York, perhaps you can incorporate a basket of apples (get it? Big Apple?)

You can also create a “bowl of wishes.” Associated Content describes it best — pick a nice bowl, cut strips of paper, and ask your guests to write their wishes for you and put them in the bowl. It’s very creative and gets your guests involved! 

Another idea is to get a vase and fill it with little rocks or stones or something pretty like that. It is probably less expensive than flowers but can look just as classy.

Do you have other ideas?

~ Natasha

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