Don’t Forget the Programs

Everything is done – the attire, the catering, the music, the decorations… whew! But there’s one more thing: the programs!

Programs are often the last thing people do. It’s usually the quickest, least time consuming aspect of wedding planning. Some people believe this is NOT optional – for reasons I will explain below. The two things to think about are form & substance!

Form: What do they look like?

Wedding programs can look however you want. They can be simple pamphlets (like you would get at a graduation or concert) or they can be creative, like a fan shaped program or one that has photos of each of the members of the wedding party.

Substance: What do they say?

The two most important things that the program says is: 1) who is in the wedding party and 2) what is happening.  Guests like being able to figure out who is who and how they are connected to those getting married.  Guests also appreciate knowing what is happening and what comes next (eg. if there is a reading, then the vows, then a hand ceremony).

There are also optional things that can be on the program. First (and some people think is isn’t optional either) is that you can thank your guests and wedding party for sharing the day.  Second (also not optional for some) is that you can give directions or explain where to go afterwards, if your reception is located elsewhere.

You can include a quote or a poem – something that is uniquely you. You can commemorate people’s memories, so that close friends or family who have passed are remembered on that day.


If you don’t want to work with a printer, you can easily create programs yourself – with a computer and a copy shop! Design it yourself, proofread it, and print!

Are there other things you think programs should include?

~ Natasha

3 Responses

  1. You can put the story of how you met each other.

    Programs seem to be one of those things that’s always left until the last minute. Frantic times!

  2. […] Programs: This lets your guests know what is going to happen & when! Here’s the information on writing your programs. […]

  3. […] your guests know what’s going on — have a program and/or have the DJ/Band/Emcee explain what is happening when. People don’t like to feel out […]

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