How to Pick a Wedding Date

You’re getting married! Yay! When?

As if that’s not enough to consider, you want to make sure that high priority friends or family can make that date. That’s maybe the hardest part. Here’s what you should think about in terms of THAT part of it:

  • The only people who have to show up are you & the person you are marrying.
  • Someone you care about won’t be able to make it, regardless of the date you pick. That said, it might be nice if you don’t pick the SAME date another friend is getting married!

Some people have interesting “rules” to follow about picking a date. I’ll list some here, but let me know what you think!

One blog I read said not to pick New Years Eve – for perhaps obvious reasons. But my boyfriend went to a wedding on NYE one year and said it was great. First of all, it gave him something to do. Second, it was fun! Third, everyone could come – and stay late – because of the holiday on New Years Day!

How are you picking your wedding date?

~ Natasha

3 Responses

  1. I like this post…and I wanted to comment that I have actually DJ’d several New Years eve Weddings in my career. I agree, they can be a blast! In addition, I think we’re very lucky in Southern California that weather is not necessarily a factor in choosing wedding dates, unless you’re working around 110 degree days or the occasional drop of rain, most days are gorgeous and accommodating to a very long wedding season.

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  2. […] a different wedding day (assuming, of course, that they decide to get hitched!). People tend to pick their wedding days for different reasons – most prefer to pick a day that’s either close to their anniversary of dating date or their […]

  3. […] and one for the reception. Just be sure they’re both available on the same date! Here’s how to pick a wedding date. Also, make sure you look at how to find a venue AND the questions you need to ask each venue. With […]

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