How to Be a Best Man


After being a Maid of Honor, I was a little surprised to learn how much easier it is to be a Best Man.  Being a best man is MUCH more simple.  The three key things are:

  • Wear what the groom tells you to wear. This means that you rent whatever the groom tells you to rent! And if you can wear something you already own, that’s fabulous.
  • Plan a bachelor party. Planning a bachelor party is by far the most difficult part, especially if you don’t know the groom’s friends very well. It’s much more difficult to get in touch and plan something that everyone will enjoy. That said, you just want them to attend; the party is for the groom!
  • Write and deliver a speech. Best Man speeches are traditionally more funny and amusing than their sentimental counterparts – MOH speeches. One tip: make sure it’s personal and about the groom (and bride), and not a generic speech that could apply to anyone.
  • During the ceremony, hold onto the ring. Usually you will be given the ring about 5 minutes before the ceremony. Just don’t lose them for that 15 minutes. Please.
  • Offer to help, do whatever you’re told, but stay out the way. This might be the groom asking you to go shopping with him or asking you to do tasks that the bride has asked you (or the groom) to complete. Don’t complain, just do it. But don’t get too involved or get in the way. A fine line.
  • Keep the groom calm. That’s the best, most important thing you can do!

If you’re selecting a best man, make sure it’s someone who is reliable and responsible! You want your best man to do all of the above tasks without complaint and while making you feel calm and confident that everything will get done. And while you’re pondering how else to be a good best man, check out real photos of calm, cool, and collected groomsmen.

Good luck!

~ Natasha

3 Responses

  1. […] note, Natasha’s site has a lot of useful tips and info for everything wedding related like how to be a best man, the pros and cons of short and long engagements and 75 ways to save money on your wedding. Think […]

  2. […] or just the same gift in a different color — just ensuring that it stands out. After all, your best man is helping out with the wedding in ways that your groomsmen are not. This does NOT mean that you have to spend more; it only means […]

  3. Another tip for the Best Man speech is to keep it clean, there will be children at the wedding and bad language will offend many so be careful with your speech.

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