How to Ask for Gift Cards or Money

As you may know, The Wedding Lens blog always accepts questions from our readers! Today’s blog addresses one of those questions: How do you politely ask your guests to give you gift cards or money instead of gifts?

I’d like to note that this may be a cultural issue. In Asian cultures, it is very common — and expected — that guests give money in lieu of gifts. So asking, in that case, would be a moot point.

There are a few ways that you can ask for gift cards or money. As you probably know, it is considered impolite to give your registry information with the invitation these days.  So — just think of how you would pass along that information. I have a few suggestions:

1) Tell your close family members and close friends (wedding party) your wishes and ask them to pass along the information. This allows you to feel less awkward and gets the information out there.

2) Put it on your wedding website. I have had a few friends write on their site (under a link to “gifts”) something to the effect:

“Your presence at our wedding is the best gift we could receive.  But if we’re honored with a gift from you, a monetary gift or a gift card would help us fill in the missing parts of our life together. If you prefer to give a gift, we have also registered at the following stores…”

Something to that effect lets your friends and family know your preference but doesn’t sound pushy at all.

3) Register with a bank. Some banks let you create a registry so that people can give directly to a “wedding fund” or something that you want. In this economy, I wouldn’t recommend that!

4) Register on the websites where you want the gift cards. Most stores let you register for gift cards… that will definitely make it clear to your guests.

Do you have other suggestions? Let me know!

~ Natasha

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8 Responses

  1. I’d never heard of registering with a bank. That’s a neat option. We did both options 1 and 2 – worked pretty well. Then again, it seems to be more accepted with asian families.

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  3. We are having a destiantion wedding and have very few family/friends attending and we feel that the money they spend to join us is “gift” enough but a few family memeber who can’t attend have ased us what we need. We have both been previously married, have children, and we already live together so we don’t “need” anything and I’m not sure how to answer that question.

    A good friend was married last summer and they registered their honeymoon and I loved that idea. It was so fun to go to the site and see what they had planned on their trip and to be able to contribute that way.

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  5. Reregistration with bank?? strange! i am listening this first time but its nice if we can.

  6. This is what I wrote at the bottom of the invitation:
    ” If you need a gift idea, keep in mind that ______, will be moving to ________ after her marriage, so a small, easily packed gift or gift card would be very thoughtful”.

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