Tabletop Displays for Photo-Sharing Information Cards!

So presumably you’re going to have photos taken at your wedding — whether by a professional photographer or by your friends. You’ll want to share those photos with your friends and family, so you’ll use an online photo sharing site (like The Wedding Lens)!

Once you have a site where you and your guests can exchange the photos, let your guests know how to get them — and an easy way is to print little cards that you can place on every table. There are lots of different types of cards that you can do, but the idea is that you should have the information of the website and any passwords, if necessary. (Of course, if you use The Wedding Lens, no registration is required!)


But how, oh how, should you share these cards? People might not see them if you just put them on the table – either in the center or at each place. And that’s not really fun anyway, right? How about using a display that looks like a camera? That’s right — a tabletop display for photo-sharing information cards! offers a camera-looking table-top display and you can put your cards in it. They even give you a Word document template so you can design and print your own cards to put in the display. It’s so cute, check it out in the photo above…

PicShare Boxes was developed by Chica and Jo — the DIY masters!

~ Natasha

One Response

  1. Great and creative idea! Sure to get attention and inspire your guests to look at your photos and to share!

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