What Information to Include on your Wedding Website

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens

You have decided, for many reasons, that it’s time to start a wedding website, so you found the site you want to use and you’ve signed up…. now what? Of course, you know you need to put on your names, the date, and the location of the wedding, right? What else goes on your wedding website?

  1. Times and locations of both the ceremony and reception, especially if they are in different places.
  2. Hotel information (especially if you have room blocks!) and include a price, if possible so that guests have an idea of the variations of hotels.
  3. Car transportation or taxi phone numbers to get to/from hotel to the site of the wedding (and reception, if they’re in different places). Directions are also helpful.
  4. Registry information (though it can’t go on your invitation, it can go here!)
  5. Other event information (eg. rehearsal dinner, etc)
  6. A story of how you met and/or photos of you two! People love to read more about the couple.
  7. The wedding party – with brief description/bio – so that people know who’s in the wedding and how they’re affiliated. This will also be helpful if people have questions that they want to ask your wedding party but not you!
  8. Your link to an online photo sharing site (like The Wedding Lens!) so that people can post pictures before and after the wedding. It’s fun to share photos!
  9. You might also include an RSVP feature so that people can RSVP via the internet (and save a little paper!)
  10. Any other updates or information that you think guests should know about but that you may have been unable to include with the invite.

What did you include in your website?

~ Natasha


3 Responses

  1. Great article Wedding Lens! We do all of this at Paperless Wedding so if you can’t build it yourself, use our product and make your life easy!

  2. […] Wedding website. Obviously put as much information on here as you can, but here’s what to include on your wedding website. […]

  3. For some reason when I tried to bookmark this page, it wouldn’t allow me to bookmark it. I know this is off topic but I am using Netscape Navigator and was wondering if the author might know why this is so. It only happens on this blog.

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