Guest Post: Wedding Wall Decals!

This month’s guest blog post is all about wedding wall decals. Wall decals have taken the designing world by storm and for good reason. These pretty peel and stick designs can be used almost everywhere and are as easy to remove as to apply. Why not also use decals as part of your wedding décor? They make great backgrounds for playful pictures, just like photo booths, or prompts.   Plus no matter what style of wedding you are having there is a decal out there that will compliment the look you are going for.  And of course you can bring them home when the day is done.


I found these decals in our wedding expert , Globetrotting Bride’s wish list. You should check it out she has tons more ideas. 

I love the whimsical tree with swirling branches from Dali Decals. (top left) Dali Decals has tons of custom made decals, in an assortment of colors that you can use for any occasion or room. You can even get your personal monograms made into a decal. How perfect is that for the wedding?

The dandelion decal (top right) is from Etsy designer Leen the Graphics Queen and she and I share a passion for dandelions. This decal is an original design so it is only available on Etsy. It is soft and playful and it would compliment a summer or fall wedding.

Another Etsy find is (bottom left) the fancy chandelier. Looking to add a touch of the romantic and elegant to your wedding? This Decal does the trick. And it is much less costly than an actual chandelier.

The love birds are from Velocity and they are wall candy for the eyes (the sunflowers are not part of the decal) the bright pink and blues are just fun. 

So consider decorating your wedding with wall decals it’s creative, less costly than almost any other type of decoration, and the best part you can use them again. 

~ gift girl

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  1. Such a great idea, I just love it!!!

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