Top 5 Wedding Centerpieces!

Some of my friends are planning their wedding. They have everything picked out, from food to linens, but they haven’t decided on centerpieces. They’re not sure that they want to have centerpieces at all or they want to reuse something (in an effort to be just a little bit green in their wedding planning!)

There are always some creative ideas for centerpieces but sometimes it’s nice to know what the most typical centerpieces are, right? Right. Here they are and here are some tips if you decide to use them!

  • Flowers! Obviously this is the most typical centerpiece. See if you can re-use the flowers that you have in the ceremony — saves you money and is a bit green. A warning on the flowers: If you want conversation around the table, don’t make the arrangements too big! It’s hard to have a conversation across the table if the bouquet is blocking the view.
Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens

  • Candles. Candles can be incorporated with flowers, but they can also be their own centerpiece. They’re elegant and can set the mood (and create some dim lighting at the tables).
Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens

  • Favors. Use your favors as the centerpieces — and people will take them at the end of the night. Double duty for the centerpieces! For example, my friend gave out these boxes of tea and stacked them in the center. We each had to take them away before dinner was served ’cause it was family style!



Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens






Photo from Modern Bride,

Photo from Modern Bride,



  • Glass bowls. The fifth most common centerpiece is a glass bowl — filled with something. Sometimes people use marbles, shells, stones (like those pretty irridescent ones!), water + flower petals, or water + fish (it’s true!). You can check out something like this:
Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Or even like this!

Photo from The Wedding Lens!

Photo from The Wedding Lens!

So those are the most common — but that doesn’t mean you should stop there! What kind of centerpieces did you have?

~ Natasha

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6 Responses

  1. I agree, its important they are low and not distracting. Thanks from a New Zealand Florist 🙂

  2. luv the idea of the the favors on the table

  3. butterfly cage with a flower set inside is also cool

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