What to do About Menu Cards

There are many different takes on the proverbial “menu card.” Basically, you just want to let your guests know what they’re going to be eating — or what their choices are. Here’s the scoop on menu cards!

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens

What is a menu card?

A menu card is a printed card or paper that has the menu printed on it. If there are selections, then the menu card would reflect that option. The idea is that your guests will get to know what they are going to be eating.

Do I need a menu card?

No! Of course you don’t NEED a menu card! If you have a sit-down dinner, then you may have asked guests to “order” in advance, so they already know what their main course is. And even if you haven’t, the wait-staff can inform the guests what they are eating as they’re served. If you have a buffet, then just make sure that either each dish is labeled or there is someone there who can tell people what each dish is.

If I do want menu cards, how many do I print?

Many times people print one or two cards per table. It will sit on the table near the table number and the guests can pass it around. Alternatively, some people like each individual to have their own menu card. Obviously this is a little more costly and a little less green, but guests can take it home and remember what a fabulous dinner they’ve had!

What if I have a buffet?

You can either have the buffet labeled, as I mentioned above OR you can still have menu cards! People can read it over while they’re waiting to get up for the buffet and they can decide what they will eat before standing in line.

What should they look like?

There are many different styles of the cards, but the key is to make sure that they say what you want them to say — and be as specific as you can. After all, if you’re going to tell your guests what they’ll be eating, you may as well be detailed about it! For example, “Rotisserie chicken, served with creamy mashed potatoes and fresh, local green beans OR Grilled local salmon with a savory teriyaki sauce, served with oven-roasted vegetables and green salad.” That gives your guests the picture of the meal and the option that they have. It reads much better than “chicken or salmon.” That said, if you prefer or don’t know – don’t worry about it!

I’ll be writing another blog post soon about the different styles of menu cards, so you can get a better idea of what you might be looking to do with them.

Did you have menu cards? What did they look like?

~ Natasha


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