What to do About Pre-Wedding Tan Lines!

Perfect Tan Photo from The Wedding Lens

Perfect Tan Photo from The Wedding Lens

Two of my friends were getting married this summer (to each other — which is always nice!)…. A few weeks before the wedding, I went to a baseball game with them. They met us at the stadium decked out in really nice tops, one tube top and one halter top. They put my Giants t-shirt to shame (yes, I am a S.F. Giants fan!) with their class. I was just there to yell, after all.

I didn’t want to insult them, but I kept thinking, why dressed so nice? It’s San Francisco, after all! When I mustered to the courage to ask, they both laughed — they were preventing tan lines! Ahhh…. So when I just received a question from a reader about tan lines, of course I thought of this incident and that, my friends, is my first piece of advice:

Easy enough, right? Maybe buy two, just in case you go out a lot.

But what happens if you messed up that one time and wore your bikini top that is oh-so-NOT-the-same-cut-as-your-dress? Well, you can imagine that the first thing I’d say is “who cares?” but I also recognize that you may very well care! So here are my suggestions for the post-tan line assistance:

  • Exfoliate, Moisturize, and Use a Tanning Lotion

Exfoliate the dead skin and then get that skin moist and back to its nice formerly tan state, smoothness wise. Then, I suggest getting a tanning cream or lotion that you might know or like to even out the tan lines. I really like Jergen’s Natural Glow — which comes in different tones and doesn’t look orange. BUT make sure you test this out before you commit to your whole body!

Of course, you can also try to fix the tan lines with more sun in the non-tanned areas and with a tanning salon, but it’s much healthier to stay away from that extra UV light, right? Right.

  • Leave it alone & embrace the tan.

I know, I hinted at that before, but sometimes messing around with tan lines via creams, more sunlight, or more UV rays, just makes them stand out more. Keep that in mind before trying to make it an even tan!

What did you do to rid yourself of tan lines before your wedding?

~ Natasha

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