Andrea & Aaron’s Engagement Story!

Want to share YOUR engagement story? Email me!! Here’s Andrea & Aaron’s story — which happened on July 4, 2008 in Hayward, WI on Lake Lac Courte Oreilles… and after 7 years of dating!


“The overall weekend included a 1 hour and 50 minute trip up Interstate 35 and East into Grantsburg and across the MN border into WI thru Spooner and ending at Stone Hill Resort in Hayward, WI. Aaron, Tiki [their dog] and I left on Thursday evening and stayed until Saturday early evening….

Our Day~ Friday afternoon we spent the morning hanging out on the beach soaking up the sun! It must have been about 1pm or so and we all packed up and headed out for an afternoon cruising around the lake on the pontoon…. We ended up spending the entire afternoon out on the lake and I had started to turn a nice bright shade of red (a common nickname that I find Aaron calling me during the summer is “La Langosta” it means lobster). Anyway, I think we docked the pontoon back at the house somewhere between 4:30 & 5:30pm… and then….

Aaron suggested (wait no…) Aaron insisted that we go for a boat ride in the “Booger”.
Some of you might be asking yourself (or me) what is the “Booger”??
It’s this little dirty old green fishing boat. Not something that ANDREA wants to take out on a deep lake for a little joy ride- NOT AT ALL. You may also know that I am VERY scared… we’re talking VERY phobic of water… especially deep, dark, lake water!!!
I am not a good swimmer (well let’s just call me a NONswimmer) SO… I was very reluctant in getting in and taking a little boat ride with Aaron in the Booger- but like I said he insisted upon it and he even grabbed Tiki to take along for the ride. I figured that I better go for 2 reasons:
1. Tiki was going, so I better go- she might jump out (then what!?) she can swim- I can’t- end of story!
2. I didn’t want to hear about me not going and being “chicken and not trusting Aaron” for the rest of the weekend… so there I was left with no choice- I VERY carefully stepped into the boat, while holding my breath- I grabbed Tiki to put her in my lap and to hang onto her for dear life
How It Happened~ So as we took off from the dock (going WAY TOO fast) I didn’t move a muscle… and wouldn’t let Tiki do so either. Of course I kept on telling Aaron to “slow down” and “NO sharp turns” (I was in the front of the boat that was like 50 feet up in the air!) that’s what it felt like anyway… (I don’t think you understand how afraid of the water I am) anyway- Aaron was laughing at me the whole way out. The conversation went like so:
Aaron asks: “How far out do you want to go?”
I say: “I don’t care, we can go back right now!”
– at this point Aaron stops the boat & cuts the motor off.
and as the water settles around us –
Aaron says: “Why don’t you check Tiki’s collar first.”
Me (confused & wondering) I check her collar and what do I SEE!?! a beautiful ring glistening in the early evening sun!
– Tears are forming at this point –
I say (tearfully): “Aaron……”
– With Aaron leaning forward, elbows on his knees hands together –
-Aaron asks me to Marry him!-
(I of course said) “Aaron… ABSOLUTELY!!!””
And now, of course, they are to be married in February in Cabo San Lucas! Congratulations!

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