How to Tell Your Guests about your Online Photo Album!

I know a lot of you have online photo albums & you want your wedding guests to upload their photos into that album. The only question – how?!

Sample Moo Card (Front)

Sample Moo Card (Front)

If you already have an album, you can go to the “Share” tab and you have several options – both web based and printed cards! (For the card options, click on the “Share” tab and then go to the “Printable Cards” tab.)

  • Email your guests! It’s the most cost-effective and green option for sharing the info on your wedding photos. You give us your guests’ email addresses and we email them to let ’em know! And we REMIND them; something paper options can’t do!
  • Put an album widget on your website or blog that links directly to your photo album on The Wedding Lens!
  • Use Moo Cards! You’ve probably seen those little cards that some wedding photographers pass out at weddings, right? They’re small, rectangular cards that tell you the name and link to the bride & groom’s photos. You can print Moo cards that have The Wedding Lens logo on it, the link to your personalized photo album ( and the access code so your guests can easily start uploading! They’re $19.95 for 100 cards.
Sample Moo Card (Back)

Sample Moo Card (Back)

  • Use our template to print your own business cards! Just download the template and replace the template info with your own (the personalized photo album address, access code, and your names. Then get yourself some business cards and print away! There’s no charge for downloading the template, either!
Sample Business Card Template

Sample Business Card Template

  • Make your own cards! We have a link to the image for The Wedding Lens logo and then just be sure you include the personalized photo album address ( and the access code! Your guests will need both in order to get to your album!

By the way, in case you’re wondering, why the access code? The access code allows your guests to upload photos to your album without having to register first! It’s one less step your guests will have to take.

See? Easy as pie! And now your guests can share their photos of your pie (or cake, okay) without wondering where oh where your online photo album is located!

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