Exchanging Gifts on Your Wedding Day

After doing the poll the other day about whether you will exchange gifts, I decided to look into the tradition myself.

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Do we have to exchange gifts?

It turns out, gift exchange on the day of your wedding is not a required tradition; it’s completely optional.

When do we exchange gifts?

You can exchange gifts the night before the wedding, the morning of the wedding, or after the festivities are over. But really, it’s your call — it’s your wedding and your gift exchange!

What kinds of gifts should we give?

Anything! Some people like to give something that the other can wear on the wedding day — such as cuff links or jewelry. Other people like to give gifts that are applicable to the honeymoon — swim or snow gear, sunglasses, etc. But you should give whatever you like!

One person suggested exchanging letters with the gifts and having the MOH or BM deliver them on the day of the wedding. Sweet, right?

Or how about an online photo album filled with ALL of the guests photos? (I had to!)

~ Natasha


One Response

  1. I think giftts are a great idea. As a wedding photographer I always try and get shots of any presents bought as they are so personal.

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