Wedding Question: We’ll Already Be Legally Married….

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens

My fiance and I are doing a destination wedding in Cabo- SO EXCITED. BUT one issue- it will NOT be a civil ceremony, meaning it wont be legal. SO, we have to also set a court date as our “legal date” which we plan to do right before we leave (3 days before the wedding).
All of this in OK, it’s just that I feel like the “legal date” MIGHT take away from our big day in Cabo! Any advice on this…??? I am sure with everything going on the Cabo Wedding will be OK- it’s just in my head that we will already legally be married before we get to Cabo… 😦


Don’t fret! This will be a great day! And you will be in CABO! 

Remember that there are two things going on: a marriage and a wedding. They aren’t the same thing, though people often get them confused. Your marriage will be legal when you go to the courthouse, but your wedding is still your wedding!

Your wedding is a celebration of your marriage, of your love for each other. You get to bring together all your family and friends who love and support you both AND you get to share your love for each other in front of them. (I’m guessing ALL of them wont be at the court house with you three days prior, right?)

You should also know that most weddings aren’t legal marriages. Most people have to spend a day at the courthouse, either before or after the wedding day so that the state recognizes them as married. Even church weddings aren’t legal marriages recognized by the state; still gotta go to the courthouse.

So dont let the legality get in the way! You and your fiance(e) are going to have an AMAZING wedding day! And you’ll get to show everyone your love for each other — which you cant do at a courthouse.

Congratulations and have fun in Cabo! (And share pictures!)

~ Natasha

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