Fun with Wedding Cake Toppers!

I realized that it’s been over a year since my last post on wedding cake toppers and since then, I’ve seen so many more amazing toppers, I think it’s worth checkin ’em out again!

This is one of my favorites, which I used in another post… They’re 3D avatars that are designed to look like you! It’s cute and it looks like the friends who used it!

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Then, I just found this really creative one! It was designed for a fall wedding that wanted orange colors, and I think the design of the little characters is so cute! This is from SpiritMama (photo is a link to the flickr page where there are many more design ideas!):

creative commons cake topper

photo from SpiritMama

I also really like this one ’cause it shows that the bride and groom have some spunk! It’s cute, right?

Photo from The Wedding Lens

This is another homemade one that’s from a designer on Etsy — and it’s so well done! (This photo is also linked to a flickr page that has other designs!)

cake toppers

Photo from BitchBuzz

This is an amazing topper for someone who’s into machines. It reminds me a bit of Short Circuit or Batteries Not Included. So well designed, detailed, and really unique!

cake topper 2

Photo from doctorow

And if you’re looking for something else, you can use flowers as cake toppers or something simple like a heart:

Photo from The Wedding Lens

And then there’s this one, which is one of my favorite joking cake toppers (right? it’s a joke?)

cake toppers 3

Photo from sailor_coruscant

Will you use creative cake toppers? What kind of topper will you use?

~ Natasha

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