Thanksgiving Weekend Wedding Ideas

A friend of mine is going to a wedding this weekend — Thanksgiving weekend! It sounded really odd to me at first, but then I started thinking about all the great things that a Thanksgiving wedding weekend could have! So if you are contemplating dates, here are some great reasons to have a Thanksgiving theme!

A great wedding party photo from The Wedding Lens! Wouldn't it be great to have everyone together for Thanksgiving too?

First, of course: FOOD! Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce…. YUM! It’s all delicious, and it’s all pretty reasonably priced if you want to cook it yourself.

Second: family and friends! Thanksgiving is all about surrounding yourself with great family and wonderful friends. What’s a better time to show your gratitude? Get everyone together, eat a lot, drink a lot and celebrate! Plus, if friends and family were going to be traveling to your vicinity (or somewhere else), it’s a little more green to have their travel do double duty, right? Right.

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Third: colors and decorations. I’m a sucker for all things orange, so the fall season is particularly appealing to me. Everything is orange! Pumpkins, persimmons, sweet potatoes (not my fav, but orange!). All of these can combine for easy color decorating and natural decorations, especially if you’re in an area where leaves are changing. Nice, right?  Plus, with all these biodegradable decorations, well again, it’s just being green (but orange at the same time)!

I’d LOVE to see photos from a Thanksgiving weekend wedding! What do you think of the idea?

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Natasha


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