Diana and Brent’s Engagement Story!

This engagement story is a little shorter than some of the others that we’ve shared with you, but this one is also more personal for me! I’ve known Brent for what seems like forever and despite growing apart over the years, I was really happy that he and his fiance sent me their engagement story. So, congrats to Diana & Brent!

In Diana’s words….

“We became engaged on January 1st, 2009 at Fort Miley in San Francisco and we are both so excited!  We’ve been asked how the proposal happened so here is the short version of our story:

Brent needed to find a way to bring me to the proposal location without having me think that something was up.  He tricked me into thinking that his coworker gave him a gift card to The Cliff House restaurant.  He told me that he had never been there and that it’d be cool to go for lunch the next day.  The reservation was set for a late lunch and the plan was in motion.

And though we ordered lobster ravioli, scallops and crabcakes as an appetizer, being the pig that I am, I ate everything, including half of Brent’s 3 scallop dish (they were gigantic scallops!).  Now you may think his lack of appetite was due to nervousness, but it was really because he was still nauseous from the night before.  As Brent was paying for lunch, I seemed to notice that he had not pulled out a giftcard so I began to ask where the giftcard was (which was non-existent!).  He quickly came up with the excuse that he had left it in his car on accident and forgot to take it when we decided to drive my car instead.  I completely bought his excuse.

After lunch, we decided to go for a walk around the Sutro bath ruins and check out the scenery.  After about 1.5 hours of walking around to different locations in the park, Brent’s restlessness finally got the best of him and he finally plopped down on a bench.  What is tricky about this park is that it is not exactly private so there were visitors everywhere, as close as 5 feet at any given time.  This meant that the original bench that Brent wanted to propose at was surrounded by people.  After I sat down next to him, he started his proposal “speech” and slowly pulled out a pouch from his jacket pocket.  As he was opening the pouch I started to realize what was going on and began to cry (but trying so hard not to in case it wasn’t a ring!)  Shortly after I said “Yes”! ”

Got engaged? Email me! Natasha@theweddinglens.com. Dont forget to share photos of your big day!

~ Natasha


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