Green Wedding Tips: Location of Your Wedding!

An outdoor wedding venue! photo from The Wedding Lens

A lot of people are “being green” on their wedding day – even doing the smallest of things to help save the environment, just a little bit. Here’s another part in our series of green wedding tips that focuses on each part of the planning process. Here are your green wedding location planning tips!

  • Pick a venue that is outdoors.  Selecting a venue like an area of a forest or part of a beach is beautiful. You can take advantage of natural lighting and you won’t need electricity during the ceremony. And, as a bonus, many times, it’s also free! It takes advantage of the nature that is easily accessible. If you do get married in a park, make sure you check out any required permits! The National Park Service website has resources for this – just go to their site and search based on the park you’re looking at.
  • Think about where your guests are coming from. The more people who are traveling, the worse it is for the environment because of the oil & gas that gets used to travel! AND, even more importantly, the people who have to travel get hit harder in their wallets. If most people are in a certain place, consider having your wedding there. If you’re asking people to travel, then also think about asking guests to purchase carbon offsets or donate to an earth-friendly organization to compensate for their travel.
  • Consider the decor of the venue; use windows wisely! Try to select a venue that has natural light so you don’t have to use electricity. Many churches have open stained glass windows that provide natural light. Similarly, restaurants and other venues with lots of windows are great for this.
  • Provide a car- or van-pool from hotel to ceremony/reception. Rather than have everyone drive from their hotel to the wedding reception, organize a car pool or hire transportation for wedding guests to & from the venues. You save fuel and ensure your inebriated friends get home safely.

Got other green wedding ideas? Need ideas in other areas of wedding planning? Here are more green wedding tips!

Go Green!

~ Natasha


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