Green Wedding Tips: Flowers & Decorations!

Use candle centerpieces as an alternative to flowers! Photo from The Wedding Lens!

Here is another post in our green wedding tips series! This week is focused on green tips for flowers & decorations. Enjoy!

  • Use flowers that are in season and local. When you use flowers that are out of season, they have to be imported. Transportation and care of the flowers requires extra resources that in-season flowers don’t require. If you’re curious, here is a list of flowers by season, organized by color. The list is helpful because you might know what color flower you want but not want kind specifically; check out the list, use what’s in season and voila! You’ve done something green, without compromising your dream colors.
  • Grow your own flowers. Along the lines of getting flowers that are in season, it’s great if you can grow them yourself. Then you need even less transportation — and you’ve done it yourself, which saves you money!
  • Consider alternatives to fresh flowers. Consider using silk or dried flowers as an eco-friendly alternative to fresh flowers. It wont matter when the flowers are in season! You can also use potted flowers and plants. They look great and they can be used after the event for your (or your guests’) home or garden.
  • Think about using fewer flowers. Fewer flowers mean fewer resources. Perhaps have each bridesmaid carry two flowers and have the bride collect one from each bridesmaid and groomsman at the front – as a symbol of how the wedding party have provided support to the couple.
  • Use candles, fishbowls, favors, and other eco-friendly centerpieces. If you’re looking to decorate the center of each table, think about some alternatives to flowers. If you were going to have favors, they can make a great centerpiece that goes home after the wedding. Check out the Top 5 Wedding Centerpieces for more ideas!
  • Make your own decorations. If you decorate yourself, you’ll use fewer resources than having someone else do it for you. One option is to decorate with white lights on trees or potted plants – assuming you get lights you will reuse! You can also use candles – which provide natural lighting – and can be made from eco-friendly products.

Do you have other ideas for eco-friendly flower & decorations? Share ’em!

~ Natasha

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