Guest Post: Wishpot’s Wedding Trends for 2010

In addition to our wedding trends for 2010, our friends and partners at Wishpot have shared their thoughts with us! Hope you enjoy their monthly guest post!

This month Wishpot brings you our favorite wedding trends for 2010. From sashes to sleeves, these new trends are bound to leave you saying “I want that in my wedding!”

Sleeves are no longer seen as “old and boring” this year. Many brides are deciding to add sleeves onto their dresses to create a more elegant and distinctive feel that still leaves them feeling sexy and chic. Dresses like this gorgeous short sleeved dress are sleek and slimming to any bride’s figure!

 Birdcage veils are definitely a new hot trend for this year. They give you a graceful look without the hassle of the long traditional veil. Such a gorgeous new trend for any kind of wedding!

 Sashes, sashes, sashes! Everywhere you look these days plain white wedding dresses are getting spiced up by colorful sashes around the waist. From less expensive dresses to Vera Wang, this trend can be seen anywhere this year. Sashes accentuate a woman’s curves and can be a slimming tool as well.

 These days everyone is going green, even when it comes to your big day. Many brides are turning to eco-friendly wedding favors like these eco-friendly natural bamboo coasters from beau-coup! From wedding favors to recycled bridal gowns, green is the way to go this 2010!

 Gone are the days when brides only wear white. Brides are now turning to different colors for their gowns like this Vera Wang dress shown above. You will definitely stand out walking down the aisle in a non-traditional dress with some flash and color!

 For more ideas and tips for your wedding visit!

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  1. LOVE the birdcage veil trend–so vintage chic! Check out this one @ Perfect Details:

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