Guest Post: Making a Productive Wedding Registry

Here’s our montly blog post from Wishpot! Enjoy!

Wedding blogs can give you an abundance of ideas when it comes to your wedding registry. Want to register for your honeymoon? You can. Want to register for delicious dishes? You can! How about registering for a TV or camera? You definitely can. Your options are limitless, which means that it’s easy to get carried away. Before you jump in head first, sit down with your future hubby and decide what you could really use around the house. Okay, so it doesn’t seem quite as fun as registering for hair products, but it will be worth it when you’re putting your new home together.

Have a big back yard? Consider registering for plants. As you make your selection, keep in mind the color, smell, and potential size of the foliage. You will also want to think about what grows best in your geographical location and what would be best for your green-thumb (or lack-there-of). The Chanticleer Pear tree, for example, it a flowering tree, survives well in the Pacific Northwest, and will grow up rather than out. Great for planting next to your house!

Have a small apartment and a lot of stuff? Consider asking for some storage pieces. Getting storage means that you get to keep the stuff that there is no room for now, but there may be room for when you move into a larger home. To save on space, get storage boxes that can stand against a wall or slide underneath your bed.

Have a lot of wall space? Get some art! Check out local venders or, for a less expensive option, go online.

Go ahead and be creative, just toss in a couple items that are creative and productive for your future home. Happy registering!

Wishpot thanks,, and for pictures!


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