Press Release: The Wedding Lens Provides Economic Relief for Engaged Couples



Couples get thousands of photos from their wedding day with little expense, time, or effort. 

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 4, 2009 — In the economic downturn, many engaged couples are cutting their wedding planning costs. But there’s one service that is benefitting from these cuts: The Wedding Lens. Couples are looking for alternatives to putting disposable cameras on every table; they’re looking for ways to collect guests’ photographs of their big day – without adding to their bottom line. The Wedding Lens has reached out to these engaged couples and provided these services, along with phenomenal customer service. And while they ordinarily charge $49.95 for their services, now The Wedding Lens is offering a recession special of 40% off with the coupon code: WEDDINGBAILOUT. The coupon is valid through July 2009.

“It makes sense that couples are turning to The Wedding Lens in times of economic hardship. Couples want to see their guests’ photos without having to spend money on disposable cameras, printing photos, or going to different photo sharing websites,” explains Justin Chen, co-founder. “We provide one private album where guests can upload and download full resolution photos and videos. We contact the guests to remind them, so the couple doesn’t have to spend time doing that. We also provide responsive, helpful, and personalized customer service.”

Couples who use The Knot and The Wedding Channel have touted The Wedding Lens in their discussion boards – likely because The Wedding Lens is the perfect complement to both sites because it is the best resource for photo sharing.

UConnLuvBirds is a user of both The Knot and The Wedding Lens: “The Wedding Lens gives you a place for your friends/family to post their pictures they took of your wedding. There is a FREE version and then an upgrade you can purchase… It is definitely something to check out if you are trying to find a way to get the maximum number of pictures from your day!”

The Wedding Lens is also being used more because users find that it is better than other online photo sharing websites Flickr, Photobucket, and Facebook. Guests need not register for accounts in order to participate, pictures can be ordered directly through The Wedding Lens, and their customer service is unparalleled.

As one recent grandmother-of-the-bride said, “This is such a wonderful thing!! I am a retired woman and Nana to a recent bride. I thought I would not be able to manage to get printed copies of the photos that were posted on The Wedding Lens, but they walked me thru the process and miracle, made it easy for me to pick and choose the pix I wanted. I would recommend to anyone who is planning a wedding or going to be part of one. Customer service at its best!!!”

During these grave economic times, The Wedding Lens has proven helpful to couples – both financially and personally. They even created a gallery of real wedding photos and a list of cheap wedding tips that will help couples save money on all aspects of their wedding plans, without compromising the quality of their wedding. Most importantly, however, they have helped couples obtain a beautiful collection of photographs from their guests, with ease and helpfulness. And, with their current recession discount of 40% off with coupon code WEDDINGBAILOUT, they hope to help even more couples achieve their dream wedding.

About The Wedding Lens

The Wedding Lens is an online photo sharing website that allows couples to create an private, online photo album. The couple and their guests upload their wedding photos and videos into their Wedding Lens album; from there, everyone can download or order prints of whatever they want. Unlike other sites, The Wedding Lens allows full resolution uploads and downloads, sends reminders to guests, and does not require guests to register in order to participate. The Wedding Lens has a free option – which includes the online album and free, full resolution uploads and printing, but does not include downloading or video capabilities. To download or use video, couples can subscribe at the current discount of 40% off with the coupon code: WEDDINGBAILOUT.


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