Do you want the dream wedding?

If so, head on over to the Planet Plans Wedding website and register for a chance to be Bride 2.0.  Ciara Daykins of Firefly Occasions just launched a project to search the world wide web for 3 brides who want to become online wedding sensations.  

If you’re a bride, read more here

Here’s the YouTube video announcement.

Not only is this great for the 3 lucky brides, but the the project also aims to unite the wedding community to help stimulate the sagging economy while also giving charitably to help out other entrepreneurs.

Daykin says “I’m looking for 3 brides to step up and commit to sharing their joy with the world via social networking. In turn, their journey will be an inspiration for generations to come shared via blogs, internet marketing and social media. The cherry on the top is that this entire experiment will stimulate our global economy and support a new charitable organization called Planet Plans Wedding Foundation. The online community following this experiment can step up and give gifts to Bride 2.0 via ”

The search is on for Bride 2.0.  Spread this to your friends and family and help a bride have her dream wedding come true.


Covered in the Washingtonian!

Hello, DC!  We’re proud to be featured in today with a nice writeup in their “Trend Alert” section.  The author talked with Chuck and covers the story behind The Wedding Lens and features of the service.  To quote from the article:

Brides rave about being able to see photos of their celebration from the guests’ perspective. Another bonus? Not having to wait six weeks to see shots from the professional photographer.

We definitely agree!  In our humble opinion, this article couldn’t be more timely with the current economic issues – The Wedding Lens provides the easiest and fastest way for couples to get all the gorgeous photos from their weddings, and won’t break the bank (or even dent it, for that matter).  From the article:

In this tough economy, are some brides using the Wedding Lens in lieu of a photographer to save money? “Some, maybe. Our intention was not to do it as a replacement for professional photographers; however, some have indeed used this in place of a professional and saved money.”

Indeed, when compared to the cost of the average photographer of over $2000, using The Wedding Lens’ premium or free albums seem like a no-brainer.  The article goes on to cover other great benefits that couples have been getting from using our service.  Read the article here.


This Week In The Weddingsphere


Curious about what’s going on in the wedding world?  I definitely enjoy reading all of the amazing tips and ideas which other wedding enthusiasts have dug up.  Here you’ll find things ranging from the traditional to the unique.  Enjoy!

  • The wedding bee is on a search for a beautiful outdoor location for a wedding reception. From the Mill at Lebanon to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens the sites are amazing. Great for those who are on a budget.
  • Twin Raven Press makes fabulous wedding invitations according to an excited bride.  The DIY method doesn’t always work for everyone but this alternative is sure to impress.
  • The bliss event group is working feverishly on a couple’s wedding; Brittany and Jarod in the midst of Hurricane Ike.  This wedding team captures their updates on video blogs throughout the week.
  • Portrait Painter Kristine Baerlin of Figment has been known to use her contemporary talents for bridal and wedding portraits as stated by blush.
  • Critsey Rowe is excited about her interview with Ralph Mucci.  The interview will be featured through a live.  WPA is a highly recommended website, audio cast, and resource available for brides and grooms-to-be.
  • The DIY bride has excellent resources available to those who like to try their hand at something new.  This blog is on a current blog break due to personal issues but feel free to check out their previous posts such as DIY cakes.
  • Earth friendly weddings is a great site for those who are environmentally friendly and aware of the earth friendly trends.  They have ideas that range from grow your own jewelry to tomatoes on a table.
  • The Pink Book has a display of beautiful autumn photos where the colors really stand out and catch the eye. This is appealing to those planning a wedding in the fall months.
  • Wedding gowns are a hot topic for the coming new year.  The 2009 season has a new line called the silver screen glam.  This line has the classic Hollywood look and feel one compared to that of Marilyn Monroe.
  • Need a cure for your wedding reception? How about a smoothie bar, great for summer weddings or a caramel fountain for a fall wedding?  You can get your ideas from coffee places such as; What’s In Your Cup? There are other vendors in local cities which may have similar ideas like that of Mocha my day.