Guest Post

 Write a Guest Post for The Wedding Lens!

  • Do you have wedding advice?
  • Do you have interesting wedding experiences or stories?
  • Have we said something in a blog post that you disagree with or that you have thoughts about?
  • Do you have your pulse on the wedding industry?
  • Would you like to be famous for at least 15 seconds?

If you responded yes to any of the above questions, you are a great candidate to guest post here at

Guidelines for Submissions:

  • Must be related to wedding advice or your personal wedding experience
  • Must be between 250-1000 words
  • Must be relevant, interesting, and original
  • No advertising services or products

Benefits to Guest Posting:

  • Gain exposure for you, your wedding, and/or your business (we will link to your website, run a picture of your logo, and include your bio as part of the posting)
  • Meet other wedding fanatics
  • Get valuable feedback from our readers
  • Feel good about helping brides and grooms with their weddings
  • Become famous for a day!

How to Submit a Post:

  • Email word document copy of post to editor [at]
  • Attach any pictures you want to include in the posting (must be .jpg)
  • Include a bio about yourself, and any information on your business to be included in the footer of the posting.
  • We will email you any questions, comments, or concerns we may have about your post prior to posting.
  • Keep in mind we might do some light editing to make sure that the blog is readable – but we’ll let you know in advance of any changes!

Sound good? What are you waiting for?! Submit your post today!

email: editor [at]

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    you can get unique idea for your wedding

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