Best Man Gifts

What’s the scoop with best man gifts, any way? Do best men get more gifts than the other groomsmen? How do you pick out a gift for these guys, anyway?

First things first: best men should be given something either nicer (however slight) or different than the other groomsmen. This means it could be either an embellished version of the groomsmen gift or just the same gift in a different color — just ensuring that it stands out. After all, your best man is helping out with the wedding in ways that your groomsmen are not. This does NOT mean that you have to spend more; it only means you should ensure that your best man is recognized as being a best man (ie not just one of the groomsmen). 

If you decide to give your best man somethign exceptionally nicer than the other gifts, be sensitive to the others and give the gift when the other groomsmen are not around.

Now that you know, how on earth do you pick out gifts?? Here are some ideas:

  • picture frame
  • something related to the best man’s hobbies (think baseball or golf)
  • cuff links (perhaps personalized)
  • money clip (again, perhaps personalized)
  • an item he’s mentioned wanting but hasn’t purchased himself
  • a nice tie (to wear at the wedding or just to have)

The key is to make sure it’s something that your best man will use — and not just collect dust.  If you’re having trouble picking out a gift, why not ask? You would ask for any other occasion, why make this different?  

How did you pick your best man gift? Was it different from the other groomsmen gifts?

~ Natasha