Wedding Roundup: All Things Food & Drink!

Plates & glasses ready to be filled! Photo from The Wedding Lens!

A lot of wedding planning stress stems from finding the “right” foods and drinks — among everything else. All of it relates to budgeting, passions, and tastebuds. In honor of Thanksgiving, I thought this would be a great time to roundup all the posts we’ve done on food!

Wedding Question: What Food and Drinks Should We Spend the Most Money On?

Picking Wedding Reception Food!

To Buffet or Not To Buffet: Food at the Wedding Reception

What To Do About Menu Cards

Choosing the Drinks!

How to Have a Dry Wedding

Do you have wedding food or drink questions? Email me!!

Til then, happy eating & drinking!

~ Natasha


Picking Wedding Reception Food!

If you like food, the most fun part of the wedding planning process might be picking out the foods that will be served! As I mentioned in a previous post, you can do a buffet or a sitdown dinner — depending on what suits your needs and desires.

photo from The Wedding Lens

photo from The Wedding Lens

If you do a sitdown, you might want to ask your guests to request their food choice in advance (such as on a card that comes with the invitation) or you might have a deal with the venue that can take care of the orders on the day of. Remember, depending on the time of day (and therefore the meal you serve), the meal can cost less or more! You may also decide to try a finger food option — in which case, these same considerations would apply!

Regardless of the form, you need to bear in mind certain things when selecting which foods will be available to choose from (whether at the buffet or while sitting down).

  • Vegetarians – please have an option! Bear in mind that some vegetarians don’t eat fish and if you know that some of your guests have this dietary restriction, make sure you have something like grilled veggies and salad so that they don’t starve! Obviously it’s great if you can come up with a vegetarian/tofu dish that would be acceptable to non-fish-eating vegetarians, but that’s not always possible at the venue or at the price you’re looking for. So just be sure that your vegetarian friends don’t go hungry!
  • Peanuts. Coconut. Milk. Spices. Weird combination of foods to put together? True! But these are just a few things that MANY people are either allergic to or have special aversions to. My point is not that you shouldn’t have these things, but that extreme flavors can be tough for people. A few years ago, I went to a wedding where ALL of the food was incredibly, incredibly spicy New Mexican food. So spicy. My mouth is burning thinking about it.  Not only did a lot of people have a hard time eating, but it was also a bad combination with the champagne and wine served. Many upset stomachs!! Again, I’m not saying you cant do it, but have options for those who might be sensitive or have common allergies to foods.
  • Get what you want!!! Despite what I just said, you can’t cater to everyone’s desires. Be sure you get what you want to eat and what you’ll be happy eating yourself!

I recently went to a wedding where the options at the buffet were 2 different kinds of salads, grilled veggies, pasta with mushrooms in a light cream sauce, a rosemary chicken, and an herbed salmon. And bread and butter. I think it was a great combination and made a lot of people happy!

What is your favorite wedding food?

~ Natasha

To Buffet or Not to Buffet: Food at the Wedding Reception

I just came back from a weekend at a beautiful wedding where the couple chose to have a buffet dinner at the wedding reception. In between bites, our table talked about great it was that we got to taste everything. It occurred to me that this must be something that couples struggle with: whether to have a buffet or a served dinner and what to serve!

photo from The Wedding Lens

photo from The Wedding Lens

Why have a buffet?

  • guests get to try many different types of food
  • can easily satisfy dietary requirements or needs, if any (eg vegetarians)
  • usually a little less expensive

The other thing about a buffet is that you CAN set it up so that you need not hire waitstaff — another expense. An article on Wedaholic suggests that you can get people to bus their own plates to a table or location that the venue recommends AND that you can put the champagne or wine on each table with a bottle opener so people can take care of it on their own.

Some people don’t like the informality of  a buffet and would prefer a more formal, sitdown meal. In that case, there are usually selections that guests make for food — sometimes in advance and sometimes on the day of.

Why have a sit down meal?

  • More formal
  • Can ask people to order what they want in advance, so you can predict amounts/portions
  • Can select food options that work for most people (and for your budget)

What will you do?

~ Natasha