Amazing Chocolate Wedding Cakes!

Most people imagine their wedding cakes to be some sort of ornate white. Perhaps it’s decorated with flowers (real or frosting) or stripes or polka dots, but basically it’s white. But what if you’re a chocolate lover??

Recently the amazing people at Wedding Paper Divas posted about chocolate wedding cakes, after seeing this “incredible ¬†feat” on Oprah where Oprah’s entire set was constructed of edible Godiva chocolate. So I became inspired by Oprah and the Wedding Paper Divas to show you, dear readers, some of the most delicious looking chocolate wedding cakes. That aren’t white. ūüôā

First, in case you want to know what you’re getting into…. Here’s a slice of chocolate cake from Porto’s Bakery in Southern California. Looks delicious!

Chocolate cake from Porto's Bakery in Southern California!

Here’s a delicious looking chocolate cake with a nice “Congratulations” message on the top (and beautiful flowers, I might add!)

Delicious Photo from MakeLessNoise

And here’s another multi-layered chocolate cake, complete with the couple’s initial, flowers, and other decorations:

Chocolate Wedding Cake photo from The Wedding Lens!

The caption calls this one a “Groom’s cake” but I’d want this as my very own! A chocolate cake with chocolate strawberries? Incredible!

Chocolate Cake + Strawberries = Photo from JPCK

This cake is from the Cakery Bakery in Calgary, AB — AMAZING!

Chocolate Cake from Cakery Bakery in Calgary, AB!

Or, if you’re looking to mix it up a bit, how about a chocolate cake that’s blue? To be completely clear, this cake was a Devil’s Food Cake with¬†chocolate ganache filling, with toffee. And completed with vanilla bean buttercream frosting. But who’s counting?

Yummy Photo from KimberlyKV

Wow. If this doesn’t make you feel like you can have a chocolate cake, I don’t know what will! Check out our list of cake-makers¬†(also known as a list of bakeries) for more chocolate-cake-inspired ideas!

Happy chocolate wedding cake eating!

~ Natasha

Fun with Wedding Cake Toppers!

I realized that it’s been over a year since my last post on wedding cake toppers¬†and since then, I’ve seen so many more amazing toppers, I think it’s worth checkin ’em out again!

This is one of my favorites, which I used in another post… They’re 3D avatars that are designed to look like you! It’s cute and it looks like the friends who used it!

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Then, I just found this really creative one! It was designed for a fall wedding that wanted orange colors, and I think the design of the little characters is so cute! This is from SpiritMama (photo is a link to the flickr page where there are many more design ideas!):

creative commons cake topper

photo from SpiritMama

I also really like this one ’cause it shows that the bride and groom have some spunk! It’s cute, right?

Photo from The Wedding Lens

This is another homemade one that’s from a designer on Etsy — and it’s so well done! (This photo is also linked to a flickr page that has other designs!)

cake toppers

Photo from BitchBuzz

This is an amazing topper for someone who’s into machines. It reminds me¬†a bit of Short Circuit or Batteries Not Included. So well designed, detailed, and really unique!

cake topper 2

Photo from doctorow

And if you’re looking for something else, you can use flowers as cake toppers or something simple like a heart:

Photo from The Wedding Lens

And then there’s this one, which is one of my favorite joking cake toppers (right? it’s a joke?)

cake toppers 3

Photo from sailor_coruscant

Will you use creative cake toppers? What kind of topper will you use?

~ Natasha

All About Cake: What to Ask the Bakery

As far as I was concerned, taste was all that mattered about the cake. It turns out, however, that there are some questions you should be sure to ask when you are choosing the bakery that will make your wedding cake.


Some of these may not be relevant, depending on where you’re getting your cake from or what you’re looking for in the cake. For example, if a family member or friend is making the cake, then it probably doesn’t matter. If it’s anyone else… well, better to be safe than sorry!

  • Was your facility inspected by a state health inspector? If so, what is your score?
  • Are you a licensed bakery?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Do you offer private tastings? Is there a fee for those tastings?
  • How is the cake priced? By slice? cake? tier?
  • Is the top layer included in the price & number of servings? ¬†
  • How far in advance of the wedding day do you prepare the cake?
  • Are you willing to work with my florist to decorate with flowers too?
  • Do you rent cake stands or other equipment?
  • Do you charge a delivery fee?

Are there other questions you asked that were helpful?

Also, if you’re looking for help on how to design your cake, you should take a look at some real wedding cake photos.

~ Natasha

Wedding Cake Toppers

So let’s say you get a cake (not cupcakes) and you want a clever cake topper. There are a ton of different ideas out there, ranging from do-it-yourself to avatars. And everything in between! Here are a few ideas and suggestions:

There are do-it-yourself guides everywhere, but the one on Design Sponge gives a simple way to create a wedding topper out of styrofoam that fits your style. offers a variety of custom-made cake toppers  such as baseball hats of your favorite teams, the couple on a motorcycle, and a cake topper for wine lovers. They have lots of different scenes that might spark some ideas for you.

Paul Pape Designs, which a friend of mine used for her cake toppers, also makes custom cake toppers that look like you! They call it a Mii Cake Topper & it really looks like an avatar for your cake.¬† They offer three different levels of “custom” depending on what you can afford. This is a photo of my friend’s cake topper from there:¬†¬†

photo taken by John & his crew at

photo taken by John & his crew at

Of course, I’m sure that there are other inexpensive cake toppers that are available easily and nearby. Ask around!

~ Natasha