Flowers in Season During the Fall

Not sure what kind of flower this is, do you know? Then I can tell you when it's in season! Photo from The Wedding Lens!

A friend of mine just got engaged (congrats!!!) and she and her partner have decided to get married next fall. They really want purple flowers, but they also want to be sure that they use flowers that are in season. Why? Because it’s a little more green: if flowers are in season, then they dont need to be transported from another part of the world where they’re being grown.  Here’s a list of flowers that are in season during the Fall, organized by color.

If you’re getting married at another time of the year, here’s the complete list of which flowers are in season when, organized by color! And check out our list of green wedding tips, if you think there’s something else small you can do that helps the environment AND doesn’t change your wedding!

Year Round Flowers

  • White: Baby’s breath, Bachelor’s button, Calla lily, Carnations, Delphinium, Gardenia, Gladiolus, Lily of the Valley, Orchid, Rose, Scaboisa
  • Red: Bachelor’s button, Carnations, Roses
  • Orange: Carnations, Roses
  • Yellow: Carnations, Roses
  • Blue: Bachelor’s button, Carnations, Delphinium, Eucalyptus, Roses
  • Purple: Delphinium, Orchid, Roses, Scaboisa
  • Pink: Bachelor’s button, Heather, Lily of the Valley, Orchid, Roses
  • Silver: Eucalyptus

Fall Flowers

  • White: Aster, Crysanthemum, Dahlia
  • Red: Marigold, Zinnia
  • Orange: Crysanthemum, Dahlia, Marigold, Zinnia
  • Yellow: Crysanthemum, Dahlia, Marigold
  • Green: Dried leaves
  • Purple: Statice
  • Pink: Aster, Crysanthemum, Zinnia

Hope that helps! Dont forget to share your photos of the flowers!

~ Natasha

Wedding Question: Is wearing colors of wedding scheme okay?

As you know, we answer your wedding questions whenever we get them. Here’s the latest: Is wearing colors of wedding scheme ok or best practice?

There is no color restriction or requirement for a guest of the wedding. That said, there are recommendations for the best colors to wear to a wedding. Basically it boils down to wearing lighter colors for the morning/afternoon and darker colors for the late afternoon/evening weddings. Be sure not to wear anything too bright because you don’t want to outshine the bride. But don’t worry about what everyone else is wearing; you can’t possibly predict what everyone else will be doing.

Good luck!

~ Natasha

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What’s the best wedding color combo?

You’ve used this lovely guide to figure out your color scheme already, but we want to know which of these up & coming color schemes are YOUR favorite! They’re all growing in popularity — especially as wedding season is starting!

Want to see the color schemes of real weddings? Check out our real photos — organized by color!

Colorful Wedding Dresses!

Obviously there’s a stereotype that the bride’s dress needs to be white. But guess what? It doesn’t! There are a lot of dresses out there that are colorful and add just a little bit to the traditional day. The bride gets to add some of her personality to the dress — and they often look better than the plain white counterpart.

For example, consider this lovely blue wedding gown:

photo by yakobusan

photo by yakobusan

Or, there are a lot of dresses that add just a little bit of color to the white gown… Here’s an example of a dress that has a bit of yellow/gold in it. It’s really nice!

photo from The Wedding Lens

photo from The Wedding Lens

Or, if you’re a nontraditional kind of bride, maybe a bright green will be your best option! You’ll look great and hey, you can wear the dress again!

photo by justlgi

photo by justlgi

So what do you think? Do you like the other colors? Check out the pictures of ALL the real wedding dresses!

Colorful Tuxedos!

Some people think that the bridesmaids get all the fun with using the color scheme that the couple selected. Not true! There are so many different color tuxedos that look classy and would make the wedding much more lively.

For example, here is a classy red tuxedo that would look great on any groomsman:

photo by ccperkdog

photo by ccperkdog

And, imagine how nice it would look if it matches with the bridesmaids dresses. Here’s an example of the bridesmaids dresses and the tuxes matching in their suave blue color:
photo by msciba

photo by msciba

And here’s a nice close up of the bridemaid and groomsmen matching their gold colors!

photo from TWL

photo from The Wedding Lens

All of these tuxedos look great, match with the color scheme, and make the wedding that much more colorful!

If you want to create your own FREE online photo album — that includes photos of your colorful tuxedos — check out The Wedding Lens!

Colorful Choices – The Color Scheme

The color scheme is one of the early decisions that you have to make when planning your wedding.  It comes up in so many aspects of the planning — attire, linens, flowers, and many other planning parts.

There are unlimited options, of course! You can pick one color (or color pair) or a color scheme (like Fall colors) or you can just pick out random colors.

Recently, some of the most popular color schemes include: pink & brown; pink & black; blue, turquoise, & chartreuse; aqua and red (or poppy, as Martha Stewart apparently calls it); mustard & blue.

Having trouble deciding? Here are 3 good sources:

First, The Wedding Bee tells us about the Pantone Mood Selector which matches your mood to colors and might give you some good ideas.  Pantone Mood Selector is located HERE.

Second, there is Multicolrwhich gives you images of various wedding things based on the colors you select. Multicolr is located HERE.

Third, Snippet & Ink is a fabulous blog that discusses all kinds of color ideas! Snippet & Ink is located HERE.

Fourth, you can check out photos from weddings in all different colors and see what you like: real, colorful wedding photos!

How did you pick YOUR wedding colors? Let us know!

~ Natasha