Wedding Favors

One of the best wedding favors I have ever seen is a little card that was placed at each seat which read (something like): “In lieu of a wedding favor, a donation has been made to the American Cancer Society.” It was a wonderful favor, partly because a close relative of one of of the people in the wedding party had recently passed away from cancer and because it financial sense for the couple to do so.

If you decide to do a donation in lieu of a favor, make sure that you do not donate to something that would be offensive to the guests — ie a political organization. Also, be sure not to donate in the guest’s name. You might think that you came up with a neutral organization, but some people may not want their name associated with that kind of contribution.  

If you would rather give a favor that the guests can take home, there are plenty of great ideas out there. Here’s a brief list:

Want more ideas? MyWeddingFavorsBlog.Com offers links to a variety of different kinds of favors (including how much they are and where to buy them).

Happy Favoring!

~ Natasha