Engagement Stories for Valentine’s Day!

Proposal from The Wedding Lens!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I know a few people who planned to get engaged on Valentine’s day in past years, so I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to ask you, dear readers, to share your engagment stories!

You may have seen us post engagement stories in the past…  like the one where Randy jumped out of a plane (literally) to show Caroline how much he wants to marry her! (Randy & Caroline’s Engagement Story!)

Or the one where the weather wasn’t cooperating and Kate just couldn’t wait any longer to propose to Nicole! (Nicole & Kate’s Engagement Story!)

Anyway, share your engagement story with us! We love to hear them, we love sharing them with other readers, and we give out coupons when you send ’em to us. Just write as much or as little as you want, send a photo if you’d like, and we’ll take care of the rest!  Email me: natasha@theweddinglens.com

And, by the way, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

~ Natasha

Diana and Brent’s Engagement Story!

This engagement story is a little shorter than some of the others that we’ve shared with you, but this one is also more personal for me! I’ve known Brent for what seems like forever and despite growing apart over the years, I was really happy that he and his fiance sent me their engagement story. So, congrats to Diana & Brent!

In Diana’s words….

“We became engaged on January 1st, 2009 at Fort Miley in San Francisco and we are both so excited!  We’ve been asked how the proposal happened so here is the short version of our story:

Brent needed to find a way to bring me to the proposal location without having me think that something was up.  He tricked me into thinking that his coworker gave him a gift card to The Cliff House restaurant.  He told me that he had never been there and that it’d be cool to go for lunch the next day.  The reservation was set for a late lunch and the plan was in motion.

And though we ordered lobster ravioli, scallops and crabcakes as an appetizer, being the pig that I am, I ate everything, including half of Brent’s 3 scallop dish (they were gigantic scallops!).  Now you may think his lack of appetite was due to nervousness, but it was really because he was still nauseous from the night before.  As Brent was paying for lunch, I seemed to notice that he had not pulled out a giftcard so I began to ask where the giftcard was (which was non-existent!).  He quickly came up with the excuse that he had left it in his car on accident and forgot to take it when we decided to drive my car instead.  I completely bought his excuse.

After lunch, we decided to go for a walk around the Sutro bath ruins and check out the scenery.  After about 1.5 hours of walking around to different locations in the park, Brent’s restlessness finally got the best of him and he finally plopped down on a bench.  What is tricky about this park is that it is not exactly private so there were visitors everywhere, as close as 5 feet at any given time.  This meant that the original bench that Brent wanted to propose at was surrounded by people.  After I sat down next to him, he started his proposal “speech” and slowly pulled out a pouch from his jacket pocket.  As he was opening the pouch I started to realize what was going on and began to cry (but trying so hard not to in case it wasn’t a ring!)  Shortly after I said “Yes”! ”

Got engaged? Email me! Natasha@theweddinglens.com. Dont forget to share photos of your big day!

~ Natasha

Sara & Robby’s Engagement Story!

We just received this engagement story from Sara. It’s so sweet, we wanted to share the whole thing. Please enjoy! And feel free to share YOUR engagement story by emailing me at natasha@theweddinglens.com.

“I first met Robby through mutual friends at an Italian Restaurant in Morrisville, we instantly felt sparks but were casual friends at first, which did not last long before we both knew we were kindred spirits and we immediately started spending a lot of time together. We had been dating about a month when Labor Day weekend approached and Robby asked me to come with him to Florida for the holiday to meet his family. I instantly felt different. I could actually feel my life changing, it was incredible.

Robby is not an overwhelmingly romantic or showy person, but he always says what he means and you can tell he means what he says, so our engagement was even more incredible! Christmas time was quickly approaching and we had decided we would spend it in Florida with his family. This would be my very first Christmas away from my own family, so it was an adjustment but I was still really looking forward to it.


My favorite day of the year is Christmas Eve and in my Italian family, this is our big celebration day when all of the gifts are opened and everyone stays up late. Robby had mentioned that to honor my family’s tradition he and I would exchange our gifts on Christmas Eve and I happily agreed!

A few days before we left for Florida we were visiting my Mom and I saw she and Robby speaking in low voices out front of our house while he was helping her with packages, my detective senses were working overtime and I was anxious at what this could be about. Later that night I grilled my Mom for any information, but she just said they were talking about a gift he had gotten me and if it was the right one. I mentioned something about an engagement and she quietly told me that I should just relax and have a great time in Florida and that I shouldn’t worry about all of that, she said there would be plenty of time for talk about marriage down the road. I took her advice to heart and just appreciated our first Christmas together, and we left for Florida in the car the day before Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve, we had dinner over at Robby’s Grandparents home and opened gifts. His two younger siblings (twins) (18yearsold) left in a quick hurry after they tore through their gifts like a whirlwind and sped off for home. I thought this to be odd, and when I asked Robby’s Mom why they had left so soon, she wouldn’t really answer me. We went home about an hour later with Robby’s parents.

When we got in the car, a cell phone started ringing and Robby’s step dad answered and said only “The Chicken is in the coop” and hung up. Realizing I had only known this family a few months, I decided that they just might be a little “different” and I shook it off as nothing. Repeatedly on the way home Robby’s Mom was pointing out to me what seemed like really trivial non-sensual things like “Look Sara there are people at Walgreen’s!” or, “look, a yellow car!” again, I shook it off laughing.

The sun was just about setting when we began to pull into the drive and again, the cell phone was ringing, this time the greeting to the mysterious caller was “The Chicken IS IN the pot” no sooner did the car stop that Robby was running for the house and he was quickly out of sight.

Once inside with Robby’s parents in tow, Robby’s step dad suggested we open up the bottle of my native Long Island Bordeaux I had brought and I instantly agreed! I was having a strange night!!!

It was about 15 minutes later that Robby appeared and said: “Hey you want to walk down to the dock, get some air for a minute” I thought this was a great idea, so wine glass in hand in hand we descended down the lawn to the dock where we had previously done all of that fishing and jet skiing, I was happy to be back here. As we got closer and the sun dipped lower I saw something in the distance out on the pier, closer inspection revealed candles, lots of candles lining the entire path up the dock, I squinted my brow and looked closer to find rose petals strewn everywhere! They were even lapping up at the shore!

I was breathless and by the time I could turn to Robby he was down on one knee, box open twinkling in the evening sun. I think I said yes AS he was asking the question! I was crying and laughing at the same time, I got down and pulled him up to me and felt him waving his right arm in the air, I said “what’s going on?” and he said in a very loud voice: “there are supposed to be fire…” and as he said it, I heard rustling in the bushes behind us and then one after the next, fireworks flew through the evening sky, the whole family was in on the entire production from beginning to end and the twins had set off for home early so they could carefully orchestrate Robby’s plans. The rose petals were hand picked by the twins from their grandmothers rose garden!!!!

It was the most memorable unbelievable day of my life, and only one thing was missing. My parents weren’t there! When we went back into the house I immediately dialed my Moms number to find her already laughing and giddy on the other end, He DID talk to my Mom that night outside the house, even showed her the ring!!!! They were all in on it!!!”


Andrea & Aaron’s Engagement Story!

Want to share YOUR engagement story? Email me! Natasha@theweddinglens.com! Here’s Andrea & Aaron’s story — which happened on July 4, 2008 in Hayward, WI on Lake Lac Courte Oreilles… and after 7 years of dating!


“The overall weekend included a 1 hour and 50 minute trip up Interstate 35 and East into Grantsburg and across the MN border into WI thru Spooner and ending at Stone Hill Resort in Hayward, WI. Aaron, Tiki [their dog] and I left on Thursday evening and stayed until Saturday early evening….

Our Day~ Friday afternoon we spent the morning hanging out on the beach soaking up the sun! It must have been about 1pm or so and we all packed up and headed out for an afternoon cruising around the lake on the pontoon…. We ended up spending the entire afternoon out on the lake and I had started to turn a nice bright shade of red (a common nickname that I find Aaron calling me during the summer is “La Langosta” it means lobster). Anyway, I think we docked the pontoon back at the house somewhere between 4:30 & 5:30pm… and then….

Aaron suggested (wait no…) Aaron insisted that we go for a boat ride in the “Booger”.
Some of you might be asking yourself (or me) what is the “Booger”??
It’s this little dirty old green fishing boat. Not something that ANDREA wants to take out on a deep lake for a little joy ride- NOT AT ALL. You may also know that I am VERY scared… we’re talking VERY phobic of water… especially deep, dark, lake water!!!
I am not a good swimmer (well let’s just call me a NONswimmer) SO… I was very reluctant in getting in and taking a little boat ride with Aaron in the Booger- but like I said he insisted upon it and he even grabbed Tiki to take along for the ride. I figured that I better go for 2 reasons:
1. Tiki was going, so I better go- she might jump out (then what!?) she can swim- I can’t- end of story!
2. I didn’t want to hear about me not going and being “chicken and not trusting Aaron” for the rest of the weekend… so there I was left with no choice- I VERY carefully stepped into the boat, while holding my breath- I grabbed Tiki to put her in my lap and to hang onto her for dear life
How It Happened~ So as we took off from the dock (going WAY TOO fast) I didn’t move a muscle… and wouldn’t let Tiki do so either. Of course I kept on telling Aaron to “slow down” and “NO sharp turns” (I was in the front of the boat that was like 50 feet up in the air!) that’s what it felt like anyway… (I don’t think you understand how afraid of the water I am) anyway- Aaron was laughing at me the whole way out. The conversation went like so:
Aaron asks: “How far out do you want to go?”
I say: “I don’t care, we can go back right now!”
– at this point Aaron stops the boat & cuts the motor off.
and as the water settles around us –
Aaron says: “Why don’t you check Tiki’s collar first.”
Me (confused & wondering) I check her collar and what do I SEE!?! a beautiful ring glistening in the early evening sun!
– Tears are forming at this point –
I say (tearfully): “Aaron……”
– With Aaron leaning forward, elbows on his knees hands together –
-Aaron asks me to Marry him!-
(I of course said) “Aaron… ABSOLUTELY!!!””
And now, of course, they are to be married in February in Cabo San Lucas! Congratulations!

Sarah & Simon’s Engagement Story!

We’re back to starting the engagement story segment — so submit your engagement story! Natasha@theweddinglens.com! Til then, here’s Sarah & Simon’s story….Enjoy!


“I was having dinner at my cousin’s house with my aunt and sister on May 7, 2009, where I went directly after work. Unbeknown to me, Simon took the day off from work to set up the scene. He purchased a necklace from Things Remembered with our names and the engagement date. Then he purchased 6 dozen roses. He cleaned the condo, and set up the roses in vases around the main floor.

When I got home, Simon met me outside with an umbrella and escorted me in. “I have a surprise for you,” he stated. I asked, “Oh, is it upstairs?” Simon responded with, “Yeah, I cleaned.” I was psyched and walked into the clean living room. I spotted a single white rose in a vase and commented on what a nice touch it made.

Then I turned into the kitchen, where there were three more vases overflowing with red, pink, and white roses. I will always remember the next words out of my mouth: “Holy sh*t honey, what’s up with all the roses?”


I noticed on the kitchen table was a puzzle of a picture of the two of us that I had given Simon last month. He had put it together except for two pieces, one on each of our faces. It started to hit me what was going on. I turned around to face Simon…

“These past two years have been the best two years of my life. I don’t want it to end.” He knelt down and spoke those magical words, “Will you marry me?”

I freaked and started trying to pull my promise ring off to make room for the ring, but he stopped me and explained he bought something else for now, and we could shop for the ring together. He opened an engraved silver box that contained a heart necklace with our names and the date, 5/7/09, engraved on it. I finally got my wits about me and said, “Yes!”


Then I finished the puzzle he had left the two pieces out of, and he put the necklace on me. We celebrated with champagne, and I began calling everyone who needed to know!”

Congratulations Sarah & Simon!