What Kind of Wedding Entertainment Will You Have?

Most weddings have a band or a DJ, but some have other things — like the silhouette artists that I wrote about the other day! Others have photobooths or cigar bars. But there are a ton of options! Tell us what you’re having and then drop us a line to tell us more!

Have fun!

~ Natasha

Wedding Entertainment Idea: Silhouette Artists!

I went to a wedding a couple weeks ago where there was something, I must admit, I had never seen before! They had not one, but TWO silhouette artists there. And while I was skeptical at first, it was absolutely fantastic!


What’s a silhouette artist?

A silhouette artist is someone who cuts out a silhouette of YOU while you’re sitting there.

How does it work?

I know, it’s hard to explain. Basically, you sit down on a seat and there’s a light shining on your profile. While you sit there (no smiling!), the artist watches your profile and cuts your profile into a black piece of paper. So in the end, you have a really cool silhouette of you. And, if you prefer, your significant other. Like that photo above — which is a photo of the actual silhouette. The real one had a nice border on the paper, along with the date of the wedding. 

How do I fit it into my entertainment?

Well, at the wedding I was at, the couple decided to put the artists (they hired two) in one corner of the reception. That way, guests could venture over throughout the night to get their silhouette cut out.

How should I find my silhouette artist and how much do they cost?

Well, given that I’ve only seen this at one wedding, the best advice I can give you is to look it up online! Go about finding a silhouette artist as you would go about finding any kind of vendor. In other words, look for recommendations, ask for samples, meet with them, AND check out any reviews online that you can find!

Good luck! And dont forget to share pictures!

~ Natasha