Round-Up: All Things Gift Related

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Because I’ve written so much about gifts and gift-related things, I thought it might be nice to put it all in one nice little blog post for easy access! AND if you, dear readers, have questions I didn’t cover, ask me! and I’ll cover it ASAP!

How to Ask for Gift Cards or Money (instead of gifts!)

Tips on the Gift Registry

What To Do About Wedding Gifts (for both the couple & the guests)

Green Wedding Gift Ideas

Gift-Giving Etiquette

Etiquette on Giving Bridal Shower, Wedding Shower, AND Wedding Gifts

Gifts for the Best Man

Maid of Honor Gift Ideas

Out of Town Gift Bags

How To Deal with Anonymous or Unlabeled Gifts

Writing to Say Thanks!

Did I miss anything? Wanna give the gift of an online wedding photo album?

~ Natasha

Green Wedding Gift Ideas!

If you’ve followed the green trend in wedding planning, then I’m sure you’ve seen this FABULOUS list of 50 Green Wedding Tips. But if you’re not the wedding planner, what can you do to be green? Among other things, try giving a green wedding gift!

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens

  • Give the gift of an experience, instead of a thing. Try a gift certificate for a restaurant (that serves organic food, maybe?) or a pass to national parks (if they like hiking) or a museum pass (if they’re into art) or cooking classes.
  • Try giving energy efficient appliances or kitchen utensils, like an energy efficient slow cooker.
  • Green household items: organic towels, nontoxic cleaning products, biodegradable items — you get the idea.
  • Gardening guide and/or seeds to start a garden.
  • Donate in the couples name to an organization that you both would support.
  • If you do buy a regular gift, consider not wrapping the gift or wrapping in newspaper.
  • Give the gift of an online photo album where all the guests can upload their photos. This saves the couple from having to put disposable cameras on each table or having to print a bunch of blurry photos, but ensures that they get to see the wedding from your perspective!

Looking for more ideas? Check out The Daily Green’s gift ideas list and GreenEleganceWeddings green gift ideas!

~ Natasha

Best of The Wedding Lens Blog

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I decided that it would be nice to review some of the “Best of” blogs.  This is based on your comments, number of views, and the feedback that I have received. So without further ado….

Since those posts were created, we also developed two FABULOUS lists. One is 75 Cheap Wedding Tips and the other is 50 Green Wedding Tips. We think these lists will help you plan cost-effective, green weddings by doing small things that don’t compromise the quality, class, and dream wedding you’ve always imagined. 

Also, always remember to consider our FREE photo albums for your wedding!

Do you have other favorites? Tell us!

~ Natasha

What To Do About Wedding Gifts

Most couples are registered somewhere, some couples request money, and other couples say that your presence at the wedding is a present.  I’ve looked at registries and thought: 1) Wow, all the good stuff is taken! 2) I know the couple WAY too well to be giving them a fork.  3) I can’t believe they registered for gifts, after saying how much they hated registries.  But what alternatives are there?

If you are a bride and groom, you have a few options. 

  • You can do an alternative registry. One specific type of alternative registry is Wishpot which allows you to create a registry of anything you might want! You can also work with a bank or other business to have people make contributions to your downpayment on a house or a sofa. 
  • Register with a charity, so that your guests can give monetary gifts to a cause of your choice!
  • Ask people to contribute to a honeymoon fund.  If you do that, then set up a way so that people can easily contribute  and be assured that you will use the money for the trip and not for a trip to the grocery store.
  • Ask for money.  You might decide to ask for money because you have everything you need now or you aren’t sure what might be needed or you’re traveling to or from the wedding.  If you decide to ask for money, there are tactful ways to do so.
  • Ask for nothing and make it clear to guests that you’re serious about it.  You might have everything you need now and you don’t want to ask your guests to give you money for a future purchase.  If that’s the case and people insist on giving something (because they probably feel awkward giving nothing), then maybe look above & register with a charity.

If you are a guest, then you might want some ideas that don’t involve cash or a registry!

Giving wedding gifts does not have to be awkward, so long as you remember that you’re all friends or family.  No one wants anyone else to feel bad about asking for or giving a gift. After all, it’s a wedding celebration!