Green Wedding Tips: Invitations!

One of the up & coming trends is the “being green” on your wedding day. Because of this, I have decided it would be great to do a series of green wedding tips that focuses on each part of the planning process. Sounds good, right? So here are your green invitation tips!

Photo from Twisted Limb!

  • Use recycled paper for your invitations. By using recycled paper, you can save a lot of paper and a lot of trees, especially considering how many pieces of paper get mailed out (directions, return envelopes, etc… ). Twisted Limb Paperworks makes fantastic, beautiful handmade & 100% recycled invitations. Plus they’re great folks to work with! AND Wedding Paper Divas also assured me that all of their stationary is now recycled!
  • Use electronic communication for invitations, updates, and replies. Save money and trees by announcing, inviting, and updating people online or via email. You can also ask people to reply online or via email. For example, Paperless Post is a fantastic company that has great paperless invitations, complete with envelopes and beautiful designs! They work with anyone worldwide. They’re customized & personalized (and Paperless Post even lets you monitor recipients replies!) And if you’re in NZ (or dont mind paying in NZ dollars) check out Paperless Wedding – another great company! They also have beautiful designs & great customer service.
  • Consider treeless paper. Make your invitations from bamboo, hemp or kenaf. Smock prints on bamboo & they have some really classy invitations shown on their site.
  • Don’t use toxic ink. When printing your invitations, make sure the ink you use, is not toxic. Many inks are, so this is something you can easily ask about (or purchase if you’re printing your own). Just be sure to ask!

Check out our other green wedding tips for more great ideas!

~ Natasha

Round-Up: All Things Gift Related

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Because I’ve written so much about gifts and gift-related things, I thought it might be nice to put it all in one nice little blog post for easy access! AND if you, dear readers, have questions I didn’t cover, ask me! and I’ll cover it ASAP!

How to Ask for Gift Cards or Money (instead of gifts!)

Tips on the Gift Registry

What To Do About Wedding Gifts (for both the couple & the guests)

Green Wedding Gift Ideas

Gift-Giving Etiquette

Etiquette on Giving Bridal Shower, Wedding Shower, AND Wedding Gifts

Gifts for the Best Man

Maid of Honor Gift Ideas

Out of Town Gift Bags

How To Deal with Anonymous or Unlabeled Gifts

Writing to Say Thanks!

Did I miss anything? Wanna give the gift of an online wedding photo album?

~ Natasha

How Will You Give Back?

The other day, I wrote about all the different ways that you can give back to the world and your community when you are wedding planning. They’re not hard to do, but they can make a big difference. As I said in my blog, one of the things you can do is go green in some form — check out our list of 50 Green Tips for ideas! With that in mind: How will you give back?

Which Flowers are in Season for a Wedding

One of the most green things you can do for your wedding  is use flowers and food that are in season and local.  To help you out, I decided to create this guide for what flowers are available when. Unlike other guides, I decided to organize this based on the time of the year and the COLOR of the flower — just because that’s how I think! 🙂

photo from The Wedding Lens

photo from The Wedding Lens

Year Round Flowers

  • White: Baby’s breath, Bachelor’s button, Calla lily, Carnations, Delphinium, Gardenia, Gladiolus, Lily of the Valley, Orchid, Rose, Scaboisa
  • Red: Bachelor’s button, Carnations, Roses
  • Orange: Carnations, Roses
  • Yellow: Carnations, Roses
  • Blue: Bachelor’s button, Carnations, Delphinium, Eucalyptus, Roses
  • Purple: Delphinium, Orchid, Roses, Scaboisa
  • Pink: Bachelor’s button, Heather, Lily of the Valley, Orchid, Roses
  • Silver: Eucalyptus

Summer Flowers

  • White: Chrysanthemum, Freesia, Gerber Daisy, Hydrangea, Iris, Larkspur, Lily-asiatic, Lily-oriental, Lisianthus, Monte Casino Asters, Queen Anne’s Lace, Snapdragons, Stephanotis, Stock, Tuberose, Yarrow
  • Red: Gerber Daisy, Zinnia
  • Orange: Alstromeria, Chrysanthemum, Gerber Daisy, Lily-asiatic, Snapdragons, Zinnia
  • Yellow: Alstromeria, Chrysanthemum, Freesia, Gerber Daisy, Lily-asiatic, Snapdragons, Solidaster, Sunflower, Yarrow
  • Blue: Forget-me-not, Freesia, Hydrangea, Iris, Larkspur
  • Green: Bells of Ireland
  • Purple: English lavender, Freesia, Hydrangea, Iris, Larkspur, Liatris, Lisianthus, Matsumoto Asters, Monte Casino Asters, Statice
  • Pink: Alstromeria, Crysanthemum, Freesia, Gerber Daisy, Hydrangea, Larkspur, Lily-asiatic, Lily-oriental, Lisianthus, Matsumoto Asters, Snapdragons, Yarrow, Zinnia
  • Cream: Alstromeria

Fall Flowers

  • White: Aster, Crysanthemum, Dahlia
  • Red: Marigold, Zinnia
  • Orange: Crysanthemum, Dahlia, Marigold, Zinnia
  • Yellow: Crysanthemum, Dahlia, Marigold
  • Green: Dried leaves
  • Purple: Statice
  • Pink: Aster, Crysanthemum, Zinnia

Winter Flowers

  • White: Amaryllis, Anenome, Camellias, Casa Blanca Lily, Cosmos, Jasmine, Narcissus, Poinsettia, Ranunculus, Star Gazer Lily, Star of Bethlehem, Sweetpea, Tulip, Waxflower
  • Red: Amaryllis, Anenome, Holly (w red berries), Poinsettia, Ranunculus, Sweetpea, Tulip
  • Orange: Ranunculus
  • Yellow: Daffodil, Narcissus, Ranunculus, Tulip
  • Green: Bells of Ireland, Holly
  • Blue: Anenome, Forget-me-nots
  • Purple: Sweetpea, Tulip
  • Pink: Anenome, Camellias, Cosmos, Ranunculus, Star Gazer Lily, Sweetpea, Tulip, Waxflower
  • Brown: Cosmos

Spring Flowers

  • White: Anenome, Casa Blanca lily, Delphinium, Hyacinth, Lilacs, Narcissus, Peony, Ranunculus, Star Gazer Lily, Sweetpea, Tulip, Waxflower
  • Red: Anenome, Ranunculus, Sweetpea, Tulip
  • Orange: Ranunculus
  • Yellow: Daffodil, Ranunculus, Tulip
  • Green: Bells of Ireland
  • Blue: Anenome, Delphinium
  • Purple: Hyacinth, Lilacs, Sweetpea, Tulip, Waxflower
  • Pink: Anenome, Boronia, Hyacinth, Peony, Ranunculus, Star Gazer Lily, Tulip

Did I miss any?? Let me know!

~ Natasha

Green Wedding Tips

Did you know that The Wedding Lens has a list of 50 Green Wedding Tips? We kept them simple, so that you can easily do things to green your wedding without having to spend much and without having to change what you picture as your ideal wedding.

  • Make sure that your venue recycles.
  • Get flowers that are in season
  • Use non-disposable plates, utensils, and cups
  • Donate any leftover foods
  • Choose a dress that you can wear again, or donate your dress when you’re done.

Want more? Check out our complete list of 50 Green Wedding Tips:

Do you have other Green Tips? Let us know!