How To Deliver A Funny Best Man Speech That Won’t Cause Offense

The following is a guest post from David Doran , an expert on best man speeches and is the co-founder of the web app for best men. Enjoy!

Everyone expects a best man to be funny, the humor in his speech may be the yardstick with which the success of his speech is measured.  However as best man you need to ensure that the humor does not come at a cost.  If you make jokes about the past love lives of the bride and groom for example, you will not only lose the support of the wedding guests but you will almost certainly lose the friendship of your best friend (or brother), the groom.

Topics that the wedding guests will find offensive include jokes/stories that humiliate the bride, stories told using vulgar language, inappropriate stories about the bachelor party and any reference to former girlfriends/ former wives.

There are a lot of ways to deliver a humorous best man speech by using tasteful humor, as opposed to resorting to adult humor that will almost certainly offend some of the guests at the wedding.  In this article I have highlighted 6 areas of your speech where you can add humor and have the wedding guests in fits of laughter if done correctly.

  1. Jokes
  2. Props
  3. Wedding advice
  5. One liners
  6. The toast


Funny jokes are a fundamental aspect of a best man speech and as such you need to have 3 or 4 short jokes included in your speech.  Remember to provide jokes that everyone will get, as opposed to “in jokes” that only you and your buddies will find amusement with.  Choose funny wedding-related jokes that are short, long jokes won’t have the same impact.  Make sure the jokes you select are funny, as nothing will dampen your confidence quicker than the sound of silence as you reel off the punch line to a lame joke.

Props for a best man speech

Props can turn ordinary best man speeches into sensational speeches if chosen correctly, that is how important they can be to a funny best man speech.  The great thing about props is that you can create the illusion that you have in your possession something that you don’t, for example a letter taken from an envelope in your pocket can become the groom’s college report, or his Facebook profile. 

 Another great prop is to have a funny photo of the groom blown up to a lifesize image (many photography shops will do this).  The laughter your speech will receive as you unveil this prop will be a memory to treasure for a long time.

 Marital advice for the groom

Another very funny section of the best man speech is when the best man provides his own unique insight on marriage for the groom.  This should be good-natured humor implying that as the groom is now married he will be under the thumb and his wife very much the decision-maker in the relationship.

 Best man stories

As the groom’s best friend / brother, the best man should have some embarrassing stories about the groom that the wedding guests will find funny.  Begin your story with a teasing beginning, such as “I am going to tell you a story about the groom that I have never told anyone before”, or “Want to hear an embarrassing story about the groom?” before going on to share your funny story with the guests.

 Witty wedding one liners

One liners are very effective in a best man speech and allow the best man to maintain his theme of humor in the speech.  These quips and puns can provoke laughter in great measures so make sure that you include a couple in your best man speech.

 The Best Man toast

When ending your best man speech you can choose to finish with a humorous best man toast or a sincere one.  A humorous toast should be lighthearted yet still get the message of love and hope across as the bride and groom begin a new life together as bride and groom.

If your funny best man speech is a hit then you will have memories to last a lifetime and you will have people congratulating you for the entire day.  The feeling of exhilaration after giving a best man speech that people enjoyed will stay with you for some time so practice and rehearse your speech, all the effort will be worth it.

About David Doran: Dave lives in Dublin, Ireland, is a cancer survivor and is the co-founder of Best Man App the web app for best men.

Guest Post: Save Yourself the Stress – Wedding Registries!

Enjoy the following Guest post from our friends at Wishpot!

When it comes to the wedding registry, there are a lot of different things you could ask for. One thing you do not want to do, however, is impulse register. Sister to the “impulse buy,” the impulse register will leave you and your husband with a pile of useless doorstoppers. It may also leave you lacking in key areas. For example, you may have three hampers (because you saw a couple cute ones and couldn’t help but ask for them all) but no spoons. And you’ve never realized how important spoons are until you don’t have any.

 The other trap you could fall into is asking for things you think you like but, once they’re in your home, hate. That funky rug could look really great in the store but make your living room look cluttered.

 Don’t end up without spoons and with clutter! Here are a few quick tips to avoid wedding registry disasters:

  1.  Get together with your hubby-to-be and figure out who has what. Get rid of duplicates, make note of things neither of you have.
  2. Don’t get trigger happy. If you see something cool, make sure it will fit in with your décor.
  3. Ask for advice. What are things people were glad they registered for? What are things they wish they hadn’t gotten?

 To help with that third step, here are a few ideas from our wise Wishpot experts!

Keep yourself organized and stylish with the Grandin Road – Hallway Organizer recommended by Cassandra.

Chic n Cheap Living recommends the Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher for a fun kitchen appliance.

Keep yourself organized and stylish with the Grandin Road – Hallway Organizer recommended by Cassandra.

Try something classy and cute: the European Starling Plate suggested by East Side Bride is both.

 Check out the experts for more items or our wedding blogs for other wedding registry tips!

Guest Post: It’s Time to Negotiate: Encouraging the Bride and Groom to Haggle For the Perfect Wedding

The Wedding Lens is proud to present this guest post from our friend Sarah at Adiamor… We found it to be very helpful and interesting, so we hope you enjoy it too!

As a new decade begins, an old tradition comes to an end. The days of an extravagant, luxurious wedding seem to be well behind us as most young couples face difficult economic times. Accompanied with the reality that parents contribute less and less, twosomes find themselves facing a lot of wedding day sacrifices. But if you and your spouse-to-be are savvy when it comes to negotiating with vendors, you can still have the wedding of your dreams, with money to spare.

 First and foremost, don’t be afraid. In these strenuous economic times, vendors will expect you to negotiate on costs. Just remember, they want your business. They will always offer their services at a high price presuming you will make counter offers.  There are a number of ways to cut corners without coming off cheap or tacky. Let’s give a real world example with one of the most crucial elements of a wedding: the flowers.

 Beautiful flowers compliment the wedding ceremony in so many different ways. They are the centerpieces at the reception, the decoration at the ceremony, and most importantly, the bride’s focal point as she saunters down the aisle. They symbolize elegance, tradition, and express the love and sentiment that is inherent in a wedding. 

 To make certain you get the best prices, the first piece of advice is to buy your flowers from a wholesaler rather than a florist. Many wholesalers provide arranging services as well, so nothing is lost by using their services. Before you approach the wholesaler, research exactly what flowers you want. Compare prices on your own to give yourself the best bargaining tools. 

 After you’ve come up with a list of favorite flowers, put together a collection of arrangements you like as well. The more you can come up with on your own, the easier the job is for the wholesaler. Once you have a good idea of what you want, approach the wholesaler with confidence. Remember, you know what you want, and you will get it, otherwise you are going with someone else. 

 Another key to providing savings with your wedding flowers is to put together packages.  While different florists and wholesalers may offer lower prices on centerpieces, or bouquets, it usually benefits you to use one company for everything. This will get you an all inclusive deal, and help save more money. 

 The most important thing to remember while negotiating any part of your special day is to stand firm. While you are interested in saving money, under the current economic climate, companies are willing to work with you to get your business. Take advantage of this while you can. The bargains are out there waiting for you, you just have to be brave enough and smart enough to take advantage of them.

Sarah Harris is the Marketing Manager at Adiamor Engagement Rings. Adiamor offers a large selection of engagement ring settings, loose diamonds, and other fine diamond jewelry at affordable prices.


Guest Post: Making a Productive Wedding Registry

Here’s our montly blog post from Wishpot! Enjoy!

Wedding blogs can give you an abundance of ideas when it comes to your wedding registry. Want to register for your honeymoon? You can. Want to register for delicious dishes? You can! How about registering for a TV or camera? You definitely can. Your options are limitless, which means that it’s easy to get carried away. Before you jump in head first, sit down with your future hubby and decide what you could really use around the house. Okay, so it doesn’t seem quite as fun as registering for hair products, but it will be worth it when you’re putting your new home together.

Have a big back yard? Consider registering for plants. As you make your selection, keep in mind the color, smell, and potential size of the foliage. You will also want to think about what grows best in your geographical location and what would be best for your green-thumb (or lack-there-of). The Chanticleer Pear tree, for example, it a flowering tree, survives well in the Pacific Northwest, and will grow up rather than out. Great for planting next to your house!

Have a small apartment and a lot of stuff? Consider asking for some storage pieces. Getting storage means that you get to keep the stuff that there is no room for now, but there may be room for when you move into a larger home. To save on space, get storage boxes that can stand against a wall or slide underneath your bed.

Have a lot of wall space? Get some art! Check out local venders or, for a less expensive option, go online.

Go ahead and be creative, just toss in a couple items that are creative and productive for your future home. Happy registering!

Wishpot thanks,, and for pictures!

Guest Post: Wishpot Tells How to Make Your Wedding Stand Apart!

Here’s our monthly guest post from Wishpot! We hope you enjoy…

Spring is just around the corner, and so is wedding season!  We here at the Wishpot Wedding Blog are gearing up for a great 2010 season!  With ideas for decorations  from our Wishpot Experts, your wedding will stand out not only to your guests on the big day, but for a lifetime in memories and photos.  Paying attention to detail is important in making your event unique and special. Here are few suggestions for items that will make your wedding stand-apart this year:

Details are all about subtlety.  Small things make a big difference.  Try putting your favors in these small boxes picked out by Couture Events. Choose a color that reflects the palette of your wedding. They are small, and tidy. Putting them with the place settings will look elegant and simple, while still tying in other parts of your decorations.

Make the dance floor look custom-made, or the walls specifically designed for the event with these Decals. From our expert,Kate’s Wedding Blog, this item can really personalize a rented space. Guests will feel like this is a one-of-a-kind event.

Ribbon can be very versatile when decorating a wedding. From tying around favors, to using as sashes around chairs, the right ribbon can go along way. Try this decorative trim recommended by Wedding Savy. The ribbon does not have to be expensive, but the right placement will make your wedding look like a million bucks.

You can incorporate all of these small items in a variety of places to create hinting details of a distinctive event. Try scattering some of the small favor boxes on the table where guests can put gifts from the Wedding Registry, the juxtaposition of small and large will really bring the table from average to amazing. The decals can also go on doorways, welcoming guests in. Ribbon can be use to tie around vases of flowers, or in the hair of bridesmaids.

For more tricks and tips on decorating your wedding try  Southern Wedding‘s choice book, The DIY Bride: 40 Fun Projects for Your Ultimate One-of-a-Kind Wedding.

We also want to thank The Wedding Lens for making Wishpot the partner of the month!

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Guest Post: Wishpot’s Wedding Trends for 2010

In addition to our wedding trends for 2010, our friends and partners at Wishpot have shared their thoughts with us! Hope you enjoy their monthly guest post!

This month Wishpot brings you our favorite wedding trends for 2010. From sashes to sleeves, these new trends are bound to leave you saying “I want that in my wedding!”

Sleeves are no longer seen as “old and boring” this year. Many brides are deciding to add sleeves onto their dresses to create a more elegant and distinctive feel that still leaves them feeling sexy and chic. Dresses like this gorgeous short sleeved dress are sleek and slimming to any bride’s figure!

 Birdcage veils are definitely a new hot trend for this year. They give you a graceful look without the hassle of the long traditional veil. Such a gorgeous new trend for any kind of wedding!

 Sashes, sashes, sashes! Everywhere you look these days plain white wedding dresses are getting spiced up by colorful sashes around the waist. From less expensive dresses to Vera Wang, this trend can be seen anywhere this year. Sashes accentuate a woman’s curves and can be a slimming tool as well.

 These days everyone is going green, even when it comes to your big day. Many brides are turning to eco-friendly wedding favors like these eco-friendly natural bamboo coasters from beau-coup! From wedding favors to recycled bridal gowns, green is the way to go this 2010!

 Gone are the days when brides only wear white. Brides are now turning to different colors for their gowns like this Vera Wang dress shown above. You will definitely stand out walking down the aisle in a non-traditional dress with some flash and color!

 For more ideas and tips for your wedding visit!

Guest Post: Tis’ The Season to Sparkle!

Here’s our monthly guest post from our friends at Wishpot! Happy holidays!

This holiday season many brides are looking for the right touch to their beautiful holiday wedding. And we at Wishpot believe that any holiday wedding needs some sparkle! This month Wishpot brings you some of our ideas on how to give your wedding a flashy makeover!

Still looking for that dress that dazzles? Wedding expert Monica Lewis suggests this beautiful sparkly Claire Pettibone wedding dress! It would no doubt leave a lasting impression on your big day! Want something modern and original? Fashion expert Colby Naranjo recommends this gorgeous Amsale wedding dress!

 Every bride needs her flashy accessories this holiday season. Wedding expert Monica Rae Gill suggests this gorgeous Applique cuff bracelet that will sparkle and shine while you walk down the aisle.  She also recommends these amazing art deco octagon diamond earrings. And lastly, to give that up-do a shimmering accessory, expert Couture Events suggests this dazzling hair comb.

For more ideas for holiday weddings go to!

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Guest Post: Bridal Accessories – Ways to Spice Up That Plain White Dress!

Here’s the monthly guest post from Wishpot! Thanks so much for this great advice!

This month Wishpot brings you creative and new ways to accessorize your wedding dress. As if finding a wedding dress isn’t hard enough, these days finding the perfect accessories to match can be even more difficult. Accessories are in this season, and they are bigger and bolder than ever. Our Wishpot Wedding Experts helped us out with ideas to help accessorize your wedding dress. So out with the plain white dress and in with the flashy fun accessories that will make you look like a modern chic bride!

This season is all about big statement necklaces. Our first item is a Sofia Pearl large pearl necklace recommended by wedding expert Ken & Barbie Events. This necklace could make any plain white dress look elegant and sophisticated.

Why not spice up your outfit by dressing up your feet? Adding a bright colored pair of heels to your wedding gown can help add a whole new level of modern style to your big day. Wedding expert Mara (Wedding Cabaret) suggests these gorgeous pink peep toe pumps which would make quite an impression going down the aisle.

In any wedding you can never go wrong with diamonds! Which is why the next item is a diamond brooch recommended by expert JunePlumm Events. A brooch traditionally has been worn by being pinned to the front of the dress, but today brides have found new creative ways to wear brooches. Many brides now tuck brooches into their hair. It is a great way to add a delicate touch to your ensemble.

A wedding ring is not the only ring that can be worn on this day. A cocktail ring is another way to add that extra WOW factor. Many different styles and sizes of cocktail rings can be found at Nordstrom.

Lastly, chandelier earrings can bring out the innate beauty in any bride. Wedding expert Couture Celebrations recommends these amazing Jessica Bridal chandelier earrings that will no doubt leave a lasting impression.

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Guest Post: Beauty for the Bride-to-be!

Here’s our monthly guest post from Wishpot!

Its no secret that every girl dreams of being the Belle of the Ball on her wedding day, and we couldn’t  be more supportive. In fact, we’ve turned to our Wishpot Experts for their go-to beauty secrets to help you look your absolute best on your big day!


(top left; clockwise)

 Laura Mercier Foundation Primer: This product was recommended by wedding expert, Brynn Andre from Smart Bride Blog. It acts as an invisible barrier between the face and make-up. It was created specifically for sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin types, so it will keep the most flawed skin looking good from morning to night for your special day!

 Lollia Hand Cream: This whipped shea butter was recommended by wedding expert Leila Khalil and can be found at Anthropologie. The hydrating lotion is said to have floral infusions of mimosa, violet, and rose- leaving you smelling irresistably feminine.

 Onyx Roll-On Perfume: This seductive scent was recommended by wedding expert Cicely Roche.Miller and is retailed at Multi-Chic. The pint-size perfume makes for convenient travel and fits perfectly into a tiny clutch, so you can easily reapply any time of day.

 Arcona Cranberry Toner: This product was brought to our attention by fashion expert, Jess Estrada from FreshJess. According to Jess, the cranberry toner is absolutely divine and keeps her skin looking fresh all day long.

 Lorac Red Carpet Authorities: Getting a red carpet look is no longer limited to celebrities, and thanks to our fashion expert, GraceLikeKelly, we’ve got just the trick to give you the A-list look. The croc palette includes everything you need to get a gorgeous cheek & eye glow and can be found at Lorac Cosmetics.

 Sephora Straight-Making No Frizz Styling Spray: This styling spray was recommended by wedding expert, TwoBrides and can be found at Sephora. This spray is said to address the two causes of frizz: humidity and friction through creating a light humidity barrier on hair while reducing surface friction.

 Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Dry Oil: This product recommendation also comes from fashion expert, GraceLikeKelly, who swears by this multi-purpose restorative formula.

 Rosebud Salve: This lip balm can be found at Sephora and is used by fashion experts SPUN and GraceLikeKelly. The balm is delicious and keeps your lips soft and kissable at all times. 

 Soft Bubble Bath Dough: This unconventional bath product was recommended by wedding expert, trendsettingwedding and can be found on Etsy. The perfect beauty relaxation method before and after the wedding!

 Thanks to our wedding and fashion experts for the inspiration and great gift ideas! For more tips, ideas, or inspiration, check out the Wishpot Wedding or Fashion Blog, or follow us on Twitter: @wishpot, @gift_girl

Guest Post: Wedding Wall Decals!

This month’s guest blog post is all about wedding wall decals. Wall decals have taken the designing world by storm and for good reason. These pretty peel and stick designs can be used almost everywhere and are as easy to remove as to apply. Why not also use decals as part of your wedding décor? They make great backgrounds for playful pictures, just like photo booths, or prompts.   Plus no matter what style of wedding you are having there is a decal out there that will compliment the look you are going for.  And of course you can bring them home when the day is done.


I found these decals in our wedding expert , Globetrotting Bride’s wish list. You should check it out she has tons more ideas. 

I love the whimsical tree with swirling branches from Dali Decals. (top left) Dali Decals has tons of custom made decals, in an assortment of colors that you can use for any occasion or room. You can even get your personal monograms made into a decal. How perfect is that for the wedding?

The dandelion decal (top right) is from Etsy designer Leen the Graphics Queen and she and I share a passion for dandelions. This decal is an original design so it is only available on Etsy. It is soft and playful and it would compliment a summer or fall wedding.

Another Etsy find is (bottom left) the fancy chandelier. Looking to add a touch of the romantic and elegant to your wedding? This Decal does the trick. And it is much less costly than an actual chandelier.

The love birds are from Velocity and they are wall candy for the eyes (the sunflowers are not part of the decal) the bright pink and blues are just fun. 

So consider decorating your wedding with wall decals it’s creative, less costly than almost any other type of decoration, and the best part you can use them again. 

~ gift girl

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