How to Plan Your Wedding: When To Do What (Part II)

The last blog post I wrote was all about how to plan your wedding — from moment of engagement until the final steps. What I didn’t include were things to know for the day of and miscellaneous things that come up whilst planning your wedding. That’s what I’m going to do here!

For the Day

  1. Put other people in charge! Your wedding party and friends and family should be able to help you with some last minute things that need to happen. Also, be sure that you don’t forget any of the top 5 things people forget! This means that you should make sure you have things like safety pins, bandaids, and tissues. But also make sure someone takes care of your personal stuff (like your camera).
  2. Someone will need to: set-up the guestbook, give money to vendors (and be sure to tip the vendors!), transport flowers, hold emergency items, put out the favors, and place cards with the info on your online photo album website!
  3. Remember to EAT during the reception!
  4. Clean-up & Recycling. Make sure you put people in charge of cleaning up and/or recycling. This should be planned for in advance, but someone in the wedding party should make sure it gets done — especially if it’s not something the venue does for you. By the way, consider donating leftovers to a foodbank.
  5. Stay calm, have fun, and enjoy the moments! Here are some tips for staying calm & tips to make sure you enjoy every moment.

Miscellaneous Wedding Planning

I referred to some of these aspects of wedding planning in the Part I, but here’s everything compiled:

  1. Children-free weddings:
    1. whether to have children or not
    2. how to tell your guests that their children may not attend.
  2. Registries:
    1. what to do about wedding gifts (generally – for both you & the guests)
    2. tips on the gift registry
    3. how to tell people where you’re registered
    4. how to ask for gift cards or money instead of gifts
    5. how to deal with anonymous or unlabeled gifts
    6. what to do if you need to return or exchange a gift
  3. Wedding insurance
    1. All about wedding insurance
  4. Showers, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Rehearsal dinners, Afterparty, Honeymoon: While this blog focuses on wedding planning, it’s important to think about these aspects of the pre- and post-wedding. Some families and friends assume that all five will take place. Others don’t find them necessary! You should do what YOU want!
  5. Staying together the night before: Consider whether you want to stay together the night before the wedding or not. Tradition says you should stay separately, but some couples find it more soothing to be with the love of their lives on one of the most stressful nights.
  6. Thank you notes
    1. when to send thanks especially when gifts come before the wedding date
    2. tips on writing thank you notes!
  7. Being charitable: How to get married AND be charitable at the same time!
  8. Wedding photos: Many times, the best part of the post-wedding is seeing the candid shots that your friends and family took. But a lot of times they’re all over the place on different websites. Make sure all your guests’ upload their photos into ONE online photo album! Give out the website info at the wedding, sign up in advance so The Wedding Lens can send reminder emails, and write the info into your thank you notes! Either way, make sure your photos are easily accessible, viewable, and downloadable!

Remember to check out our Green Wedding Tips and our Cheap Wedding Tips to help save your wallet & save the environment!

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~ Natasha

Summer of Wedding Blog Posts

In honor of the 4th of July weekend (and just passing our first anniversary as a blog!), here’s the top Blogs Posts on TheWeddingsLens Blog — as rated by YOU! Well, okay, I’ll create a list of our favorites too. Since you asked.

  1. How to Choose the Right Wedding Gown  (which is actually right up there with Colorful Wedding Dresses!)
  2. 75 Cheap Wedding Tips
  3. How to Create a Seating Chart
  4. How to Write Wedding Vows
  5. Which Flowers are in Season for a Wedding
  6. How to Ask for Gift Cards or Money
  7. Photobooth at the Wedding Reception
  8. Creative Guestbook Ideas
  9. Invitations and Bringing a Date to the Wedding
  10. How to Pick Vendors for Your Wedding

The most read engagement story? Nicole & Kate’s Engagement Story (who just had a beautiful wedding and are using The Wedding Lens to share their photos with their guests!)

Our favorite blog post – aside from those above? Well, it’s tied, I think. Three ways. Or Four. I’d do five, but we’ll be here all day as I list through all the rest of ’em trying to decide. 🙂

  1. How to Plan Your Own Wedding (without a wedding planner)
  2. 50 Green Wedding Tips
  3. How to Meet Your Boyfriend at a Wedding (my personal fav!)
  4. Top 10 Reasons to Use The Wedding Lens (duh!)

Three things I notice — the “how to” blog posts seem to do a lot better than the others (generally) and we need you to submit more engagement stories! Email ’em to

What’s your favorite The Wedding Lens Blog Post ?

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Creative Guestbook Ideas

You want your guests to sign the guestbook, but you want it to be something… creative.  Here are some suggestions!

Use something practical as a guestbook.  For example, you could use an apron or a bottle of wine with a white label. Two friends told me about their plan to use the bottle of wine guestbook idea. You can open a bottle for each anniversary or specific anniversaries. It’s something you’ll be sure to look at again, rather than just putting it in a drawer.

Use a blown up photo of the couple and have people sign on the photo. Or create a book of photos of the couple for people to sign.

Have people sign something that was IN the photo – such as a detachable portion of the wedding dress.

You could get a photobook of your honeymoon location and have your guests sign that.

Use a polaroid guestbook – as I mentioned in the previous post!

Finally, if you want to avoid a list of “Best Wishes” and want some creative thoughts, put a list of questions near the guestbook so that people can answer how they met the bride & groom.  You could also put the questions in the guestbook directly and leave room for people to respond.

Have fun with it!

~ Natasha

Photobooth at the Wedding Reception

photoboothA photobooth is a trendy idea that many people are starting to include at weddings. They’re fun and you get some funny shots of your friends. You can put a guestbook nearby and have your guests paste them in and sign it.

If you hire a photobooth, you can usually get additional digital copies after the wedding is over, so don’t worry about your gusts stealing their photos! Although if you have a sign letting them know that they can get copies later, maybe they won’t even try to take them with them. (Ahem, J.) In fact, one friend who used a photobooth uploaded her photobooth photos to The Wedding Lens as an efficient way to share the photos with her guests. From there, her guests could download or print their own copies of those photos.

There are several alternatives that will have the same effect. For example, you could create a polaroid version in which guests take pictures and sign a guestbook! It’s instant and you get fun photos – not much different than the photobooth.  If you put the polaroid in one place and have props around, it will allow for more spunky photos.

If you want to create a photobooth yourself, the WeddingBee has advice on a “do-it-yourself” photobooth. Basically you need a camera, photo printer, a some props. Here’s another explanation with photos of how to create a simple photobooth using those three items.

Alternatively, you could have the photo area, props and the camera – but put up a sign that informs guests that you will print the photos later and send them to the guests.

Happy photos!

~ Natasha