Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrilliant – The Scoop on the Ice Sculpture!

So instead of chocolate, you like ice – or at least how it looks. There are some amazing designs out there for ice sculptures. Everything from a centerpiece, to a bar, to … well, pretty much anything you can think of.  The idea, in case you are having a hard time picturing it, is to take a huge block of ice and carve a sculpture from it.  Like the ice swan the comes up in movies.


There are some great websites out there with local vendors who do ice sculpting. has a list of things to think about and ways to find the perfect sculptor. Indeed, there is a National Ice Carving Association that is probably a great place to start.  They have links so you can find a sculptor near you!

Usually sculptors have specialties, though if you have something in mind, many times they are open to listening to your ideas. 

However, if you DO want that typical ice swan that you see in the movies, there is a DIY ice swan mold.

Just remember that the thing about ice is that it melts! Take photos early and often. 

~ Natasha