Ideas for All Things White at Your Wedding!

In honor of winter (and hence snow), we’re going to share some of our white wedding photos to inspire you to have all kinds of white things at your wedding! Just to be clear, I’m skipping photos of white wedding dresses, ’cause that’s pretty well known.

But you know what’s not always used? A beautiful white hairclip!

Photo from The Wedding Lens!

And white accessories: earrings and necklace!

Photo from The Wedding Lens

And then to get the bride and groom to the ceremony, about about transportation: the white limo!

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Then, to walk down the aisle, have the bridesmaids carry white flowers….

Photo from The Wedding Lens

And ask guests to sit on white chairs during the ceremony!

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens

You can even decorate the white chairs with white flowers!

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Following the ceremony, a completely white decorated reception:

Photo from The Wedding Lens!

including… a white wedding cake WITH white flowers!

Photo from The Wedding Lens

and white name cards

Photo from The Wedding Lens

And finally, top off the wedding with white favors (or favors in white packages!)

Photo from The Wedding Lens

 Will you have white things at your wedding? Like what?

~ Natasha

How to Address Save the Dates!

Save the Dates are more casual than the formal invitation — and this, my friends, is always true. STDs (as they’re known) are not traditional, so there’s no formal etiquette for how to go about saving said date. The idea is just that you want to give people a heads up about the upcoming wedding so that they can make plans and arrangements to be there! For that reason, it’s also great if you can send out STDs as early as possible.

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Who to address it to

I just received a Save the Date in the mail that only has my name on it. It made me wonder — does that mean my name will be the only one on the invitation? Hm.

Rest assured there is no requirement for this! The STD need not say “and guest” or name the specific person whose name will appear on the invitation. So my significant other may very well be invited to the actual wedding, but they don’t know him (yet) so he’s not on the STD.

And remember, because it’s not formal, you don’t need to worry about the whole “Dr. and Mr. Joan Clever.” Just address it as you would a letter.

What should the STD say?

Just to be clear, it should specify YOUR NAMES (seems rather straight-forward), the date of the wedding, and city & state of the wedding. It should also say “invitation to follow” just so people realize that this isn’t the formal invitation.

You can also include information for your wedding website so people can find out more as the date approaches! This is helpful if you will post the accomodations on the site.

What should it look like?

Here are some ideas for creative STDs. Remember, there’s no wrong way to STD!

Good luck!

~ Natasha

Green Wedding Gift Ideas!

If you’ve followed the green trend in wedding planning, then I’m sure you’ve seen this FABULOUS list of 50 Green Wedding Tips. But if you’re not the wedding planner, what can you do to be green? Among other things, try giving a green wedding gift!

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens

  • Give the gift of an experience, instead of a thing. Try a gift certificate for a restaurant (that serves organic food, maybe?) or a pass to national parks (if they like hiking) or a museum pass (if they’re into art) or cooking classes.
  • Try giving energy efficient appliances or kitchen utensils, like an energy efficient slow cooker.
  • Green household items: organic towels, nontoxic cleaning products, biodegradable items — you get the idea.
  • Gardening guide and/or seeds to start a garden.
  • Donate in the couples name to an organization that you both would support.
  • If you do buy a regular gift, consider not wrapping the gift or wrapping in newspaper.
  • Give the gift of an online photo album where all the guests can upload their photos. This saves the couple from having to put disposable cameras on each table or having to print a bunch of blurry photos, but ensures that they get to see the wedding from your perspective!

Looking for more ideas? Check out The Daily Green’s gift ideas list and GreenEleganceWeddings green gift ideas!

~ Natasha

5 Gift Ideas For The Maid Of Honor

The Maid or Matron of Honor is the bride’s ultimate sidekick for a wedding ceremony.  She is the head of the bridal party, she holds the flowers during the vows, she gives a speech on your behalf at the reception.  They are generally one of the most important people you may have involved in your wedding, so why not get them a special gift that shows your heartfelt appreciation for all that they do? Here are some great gift ideas for your maid of honor.

Will you be my Maid of Honor?

What a better way to ask your maid of honor to be a part of your special day than with a cutesy little maid of honor invite card? You can choose to make your own, or you may special order them.  This is definitely a unique way to ask your maid of honor to be a part of your special day.

Maid of Honor Picture Frame

A personalized picture frame is a very nice gift idea for the maid of honor. You can choose to buy a plain picture frame and decorate it yourself or you can special order the frame. A nice finishing touch would be adding a wedding photo of you and your maid of honor together.  I chose this route for my wedding 9 years ago and she still holds it dear to this day.

Maid of Honor tote bag

This is nice especially if you have “Maid of Honor” embroidered on the front. You can either get the tote in your wedding colors or her favorite colors.  Fill the tote with goodies and your good to go.  This idea is great for those who love any type of bags from totes to handbags.

Maid of Honor Pendant

The maid of honor pendant is a nice idea for those who love jewelry.  You can have the pendant engraved with something special like: “Thank you for being my Maid of Honor on my special day,”  or you can just simply choose to have her name engraved into the pendant.

Pearl Jewelry set

The pearl jewelry set consists of earrings and a necklace.  This could be a gift idea for your maid of honor to either wear on your special day or elsewhere.  Since this gift seems more on the formal side, you could present this gift to her at your bachelorette party, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner.

Of course, this list doesn’t have to stop here – the more creative and personally meaningful your gift is, the better.  You can get your maid of honor anything you feel she may really enjoy, appreciate, and cherish forever.

~ Lindsey

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The Right Hues

You’ve picked the date, the place, the perfect dress, and now comes the hard part, the palette. Choosing a color is easy but the combination is often harder than it looks. Imagine starting with just one color, (maybe it’s your favorite or the color you wish your friend would have chosen for your last bridesmaid appearance), then take on the challenge of adding colors that accent and enhance one another. You feverishly gather fabric samples and throw them together only to find that intertwined, they mirror a murky mess. You might come to learn that your favorite colors might not be favorable for each other. How do you ensure your color conundrum doesn’t become a color catastrophe?

Color experts say to go with a scheme you already like right from the start. Luckily, almost anything can inspire a palette. Flip through your favorite artists’ works or check out book covers you are uniquely drawn to. Or better yet, take a look through photo albums to see if the natural light enhances a certain hue you might not have thought of before. Make reservations at your favorite restaurant to check out their color scheme, worse comes to worse you have a good excuse for a nice meal.

Inspiration is everywhere. Color palettes have been derived out of everything from old quilts to fruit salads. Save yourself a headache, and see what grabs your eye before hitting the fabric stores.

*Michelle Ruiz

Unconventional Wedding Themes – Could This Be Yours?

Anytime I attend a wedding ceremony whether indoor or outdoor, the first thing that I notice is the decor.  Whether winter or spring, the appearance of every wedding is unique and special.  What many people may also notice about a wedding is that couples may have incorporated some sort of theme into their ceremony.  I would like to share with you a few wedding theme ideas which you might find very interesting.

Will You Be Mine- A Valentines Day theme is great for those who have been called a romantic.  From red roses to a heart-shaped cake, Valentines Day is the perfect day for a couple to celebrate their wedding.

Things that Make you say….BOO- A Halloween wedding theme is perfect for those who are into spooks and haunts.  Most of these types of weddings may be done in old mansions or theatres, anything with the gothic look or feel. Costumes are the biggest attraction amongst guests mainly because they are invited to take part in dressing up on the couple’s spooky, hair raising day.

Lights, Camera, Action!- Old Hollywood Glamour wedding theme is used by couples who are fascinated with old-fashioned Hollywood, red carpet and all. Here is an example of this type of wedding:

  • Wedding attire: The bride’s choice of gown may be v-neck with satin fabric.  The groom may resemble that of Fred Aistaire.
  • Flowers: Roses or lilies are the flowers of choice for this type of wedding.
  • Music: To compliment the old-fashioned Hollywood feel, many couples will hire a swing band or incorporate swing music into their ceremony and reception.
  • Setting: Old fashioned restaurants, theatres, clubs, or ballrooms are a great place to create this type of setting and theme.

Touch Down!- This type of wedding is great for the sports fanatic at heart.  The wedding could be held at a stadium, golf course etc.  The bride and groom could wear matching sports jerseys over their wedding attire and the cake could be the shape of a football, basketball, etc.  The possibilities are endless for this type of wedding.

Danke Shoen- Las Vegas themed weddings are great for those who are willing to elope to sin city or just create that Las Vegas setting.

And that’s that! I thought it would be fun to research and dig up a few unique wedding theme ideas, ones of which I have personally never been to.  In a later post I will be highlighting seasonal wedding themes.

If you are in need of additional ideas for a wedding theme, favor ideas has a nice selection you may find beneficial for your wedding planning needs.

If you could choose a theme for your wedding, which one would it be and why?  We look forward to hearing from you.

~ Lindsey

How To Decorate Your Wedding With Butterflies

Butterfly Wedding

Butterfly Wedding

When the word butterfly comes to mind you may think of the the beauty that the spring season brings.  What about weddings? Many couples do incorporate butterflies into their wedding ceremony rather than the traditional throwing of rice.

Most of the weddings that include butterflies are usually done in the outdoors during the warmer months.  Some types of weddings that do butterfly releases include:

  • Hawaiian weddings
  • Summer Weddings
  • Spring Weddings
  • Butterfly Themed weddings
  • Environmentally friendly weddings

But why butterflies?  Many couples choose to include butterflies into their ceremony because they represent a season of change –  perfect for a couple beginning their new lives together as husband and wife.  Not only does the symbolism play an important role in butterfly weddings but they also add a very colorful and beautiful touch to a ceremony.

While many of us may think that the release of butterflies is an elegant idea for a wedding; environmentalists and scientists have debated whether the release of butterflies are healthy or not.   The Daily Green has a great article that discusses the pros and cons of this ritual that you may find very interesting.

Learn more about having butterflies at weddings here, and whether you choose to use them or not, make sure to share and collect your wedding photos on The Wedding Lens ;).

~ Lindsey

A Great Way To Share Your Wedding Lens Album

Our friends Jasmine & Rodney recently got married (congrats guys!), and used The Wedding Lens to help get all the photos from their wedding.

One of the neat things about their thank-you cards, besides the fantastic design, was that they created stickers with the link to their Wedding Lens album, plus the access code, so all their guests would have a reminder to not only view the wedding photos, but also upload any that they took at the wedding.  How clever!

This is such a great idea that we’ll be considering this as an upgrade to our premium albums.  In the meantime, if you have a Wedding Lens album, you should consider adding your album URL to your wedding cards and favors, to maximize the number of pictures you’ll collect.  It definitely works – Jasmine and Rodney ended up with 1193 photos in their album. 🙂