Amazing Chocolate Wedding Cakes!

Most people imagine their wedding cakes to be some sort of ornate white. Perhaps it’s decorated with flowers (real or frosting) or stripes or polka dots, but basically it’s white. But what if you’re a chocolate lover??

Recently the amazing people at Wedding Paper Divas posted about chocolate wedding cakes, after seeing this “incredible  feat” on Oprah where Oprah’s entire set was constructed of edible Godiva chocolate. So I became inspired by Oprah and the Wedding Paper Divas to show you, dear readers, some of the most delicious looking chocolate wedding cakes. That aren’t white. 🙂

First, in case you want to know what you’re getting into…. Here’s a slice of chocolate cake from Porto’s Bakery in Southern California. Looks delicious!

Chocolate cake from Porto's Bakery in Southern California!

Here’s a delicious looking chocolate cake with a nice “Congratulations” message on the top (and beautiful flowers, I might add!)

Delicious Photo from MakeLessNoise

And here’s another multi-layered chocolate cake, complete with the couple’s initial, flowers, and other decorations:

Chocolate Wedding Cake photo from The Wedding Lens!

The caption calls this one a “Groom’s cake” but I’d want this as my very own! A chocolate cake with chocolate strawberries? Incredible!

Chocolate Cake + Strawberries = Photo from JPCK

This cake is from the Cakery Bakery in Calgary, AB — AMAZING!

Chocolate Cake from Cakery Bakery in Calgary, AB!

Or, if you’re looking to mix it up a bit, how about a chocolate cake that’s blue? To be completely clear, this cake was a Devil’s Food Cake with chocolate ganache filling, with toffee. And completed with vanilla bean buttercream frosting. But who’s counting?

Yummy Photo from KimberlyKV

Wow. If this doesn’t make you feel like you can have a chocolate cake, I don’t know what will! Check out our list of cake-makers (also known as a list of bakeries) for more chocolate-cake-inspired ideas!

Happy chocolate wedding cake eating!

~ Natasha