Why Your Wedding Needs an Online Photo Album

Ok, I think I’ve done this before but I wanted to reiterate why oh why you need an online photo album and why oh why it should be on The Wedding Lens!

10. Your friends are bringing their digital cameras to your wedding anyway and they need a place online to upload their photos. Plus their photos are fun and candid… like this….

Photo from The Wedding Lens

9. Your friends can share their videos of the wedding on The Wedding Lens waaay before your videographer gets back to you….

8. You want you & your guests to be able to upload and download ALL photos and videos at full resolution.

photo from The Wedding Lens!

7. You want to use a photo sharing site that has incredible customer service with real people who respond to your questions and concerns. 

6. You want to use a site that your guests don’t have to register for in order to upload their photos!

5. Your friends like seeing each other’s photos and the one album will be accessible to everyone. They can print or download whichever ones they like and want.

Photo from The Wedding Lens!

4. The Wedding Lens takes care of emailing reminders to your guests – so you don’t have to think twice about it, or feel like you’re bothering your guests.

3. You think that the person who writes The Wedding Lens blog is incredibly witty, knowledgeable, and, well, cute! (No comments from the peanut gallery, please!)

2. You thought you wanted to put disposable cameras on each table, but you realized it’s a lot easier (and cheaper) to ask your friends to upload all their own photos into your Wedding Lens album.  

1.  You really don’t want to have to go to 6 different websites to see all your friends’ photos of the wedding. It’s so much easier to have them all in ONE album online… on The Wedding Lens!

If that doesn’t convince you, let me know. I’ll work on it. 🙂

~ Natasha


Tabletop Displays for Photo-Sharing Information Cards!

So presumably you’re going to have photos taken at your wedding — whether by a professional photographer or by your friends. You’ll want to share those photos with your friends and family, so you’ll use an online photo sharing site (like The Wedding Lens)!

Once you have a site where you and your guests can exchange the photos, let your guests know how to get them — and an easy way is to print little cards that you can place on every table. There are lots of different types of cards that you can do, but the idea is that you should have the information of the website and any passwords, if necessary. (Of course, if you use The Wedding Lens, no registration is required!)


But how, oh how, should you share these cards? People might not see them if you just put them on the table – either in the center or at each place. And that’s not really fun anyway, right? How about using a display that looks like a camera? That’s right — a tabletop display for photo-sharing information cards! PicShareBoxes.com offers a camera-looking table-top display and you can put your cards in it. They even give you a Word document template so you can design and print your own cards to put in the display. It’s so cute, check it out in the photo above…

PicShare Boxes was developed by Chica and Jo — the DIY masters!

~ Natasha

Top 5 Reasons Disposable Cameras Suck for a wedding

Getting married? Thinking about putting disposable cameras on the dinner table? Here are the top 5 reasons why you should use The Wedding Lens instead to get candid photos of your wedding.

5. With disposable cameras, you don’t get photos from the entire wedding experience.

Disposable cameras generally only sit on the dinner table and only capture what happens during the reception. There is much more to your wedding then the reception. How many photos do you want of your guests eating anyway?

With The Wedding Lens, your guests upload all of the photos they took of you as an engaged couple, on your wedding day or as newlyweds into a single online album. Many people carry their cell phones and digital cameras with them at all times, so you can get photos from the entire wedding experience. This includes engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, the ceremony, reception, celebration, after hours party, next day brunch and even your honeymoon. ALL your guests can easily upload their photos of you to your album on The Wedding Lens so that you have a full-resolution copy of every one to save, print and relive the memories.

4. Disposable cameras are a hassle to deal with.

With disposable cameras, you have to find the right cameras, order them, “match” the color/pattern to your wedding, receive them in the mail, remember to bring them to the reception dinner, arrange them on the tables, remember to collect them at the end of the night (if you can find them) and mail them back. And after all of that work, many cameras will sit on a table unused and you will pay for it anyway. Plus now you have to send around links to your friends and take orders, print the photos, mail them to friends. Why deal with that hassle? A wedding is supposed to be fun.

With The Wedding Lens, you can be set up and ready to go in about 5 to 10 minutes. And you can be ready to go weeks or months in advance of your wedding so you can focus on other last minute details. It is easy to customize your album home page with a welcome picture, a welcome message and your wedding details. Just upload your guests’ email addresses (cut and paste them or key them in), and you’re done in 5 to 10 minutes. We do all of the rest for you. We send your guests a reminder email before your wedding encouraging them to bring their cameras and email them after your wedding to remind them to upload and share their photos. We make it easy. Plus after the wedding, if your guests want to keep or print any of the photos, they can do so on their own.

3. Disposable cameras produce poor photos.

Disposable cameras produce poor photos for many reasons. First the cameras are only at the reception and generally only at the dinner table. Digital quality today is much better then film quality. Plus, because disposable cameras are cheap, they may or may not have a flash, they don’t have zoom, the viewfinder is cheap plastic, you have to wind it with the little plastic knob between each picture and because there is no way to check to see if the photo turned out like on digital cameras, the person who took the photo has no idea if the photo was centered or anything.

With The Wedding Lens your guests use their own digital cameras and mobile phones to take pictures at your wedding. Today’s digital cameras are far superior to film quality and in ease of use. Most professionals are switching to digital technology for the benefits it offers over film. Plus, if a guest is going to take the time to take a picture, they are going to want to keep a copy of it. So, given the choice, they will almost always take a picture with their own (far superior) digital camera. Using The Wedding Lens, you and any other guests can get a full-resolution copy of every picture taken.

2. A $5.00 plastic disposable camera looks tacky sitting in the middle of a beautiful dinner table.

There is no other way to say it, disposable cameras are tacky. They were cool about 5 years ago, but now people have cell phones and digital cameras with them all of the time. Who wants to have cheap plastic disposable camera sitting there in the middle of a beautiful table with guests enjoying a fabulous meal? Tacky. Oh, so they say that you can make them “match” the colors of your wedding with floral prints on them. Right. No one thinks they blend in. At the last wedding you went to, did you think the eye-sores called plastic disposable cameras really “fit in?”

With The Wedding Lens, your guests are sent an invitation to bring their digital cameras to your wedding and upload any photos they take. They are also invited to comment on the photos, make favorites or even print the ones they want. It is simple, elegant and tasteful. Most guests will bring their own personal digital cameras to take awesome photos anyway.

1. Disposable cameras are expensive and wasteful.

With disposable cameras, they try to make money off you at every corner. They charge you for the cameras, shipping, return shipping, development,… When does it end? And if you buy 27 exposure cameras, most of them come back empty or with just a few crappy pictures actually taken. It’s a big financial risk and headache to not know what you are going to get in return. If you don’t like the photos from a disposable camera, guess what. It’s too late. You paid your money.

Create your personalized online wedding album for FREE. With The Wedding Lens, you don’t pay a dime (or even a penny) unless you get value. You can create your personal album, invite guests, upload hundreds or even thousands of full-resolution photos and if the quality and quantity of the photos don’t meet your expectations, you don’t pay a thing. If you have 500 guests, all 500 can bring their digital cameras and upload to your personal album. You can decide to upgrade to a full service album at anytime to take full advantage of all The Wedding Lens has to offer. Weddings are expensive, but you don’t have to waste money.