Will You Exchange Gifts on Your Wedding Day?

Some people have shared with me that they are going to be giving their future husband or wife an amazing gift on their wedding day. Others seem to think that it’s unnecessary and that gift giving should be saved for anniversaries. Thoughts?

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Dance Lessons for the First Dance?

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Many couples take dance lessons to perfect the first dance…. others don’t. What will you do?

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Should You Learn Cultural Wedding Customs?

In the past year, I’ve attending a Catholic wedding, a non-denominational wedding, a Chinese wedding banquet, and an Indian wedding. I usually ask someone what is expected in terms of attire, but I don’t usually delve much further. Other people think you should know exactly what to expect – attire, mannerisms, etc. Others think that you should be able to attend weddings as yourself, with your own cultural background and without regard (other then being polite!) to the particular culture of that wedding. What do you think?


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