How To Create Your Own Wedding Favors

DIY Wedding Favors

DIY Wedding Favors

Are you a fan of Martha Stewart?  If the answer to this question is yes, then you may want to consider the DIY method of wedding favors.

Wedding favors can be very expensive; especially, if you have a very full guest list. What about creating your own?  Sure, making your own wedding favors may be time consuming and as a bride and groom to be, who has the time right?  Try having a “wedding favor” party.  Including your bridesmaids, friends, and/or family may help you to get the job done more quickly.

Taking a trip to Joann fabrics or any type of craft/fabric store is one way of getting started on the DIY track. Here is an example you may consider for your big day:

Candy Satchel Minis

  1. Lace, Netting, and Tuelle: You can choose one of three fabrics that consist of your wedding colors to use as the base.  Cut the lace, netting, or tuelle into medium/small squares, big enough to hold the candy but with excess at the top so that you will be able to gather and tie together with ribbon.
  2. Ribbon: Choose a ribbon that will complement the lace, netting, or tuelle.  If you so choose you can buy a package of rhinestones or jewels to add a more elegant look to the ribbon.
  3. Candy: If your wedding is in the spring, the pastel M&M’s work great. Hershey’s kisses also have a variety of colors depending on the time of year.  The possibilities are endless as long as they can still be considered a mini.


  1. Cut all of your desired material into medium sized squares.  (Using a ruler is recommended to achieve perfectly shaped squares.)
  2. Separate all of the candy onto the pre-cut squares, about a handful or if using Hershey kisses, about four will do.
  3. Gather at the top and tie with ribbon.
  4. If you are adding rhinestones or sequins to the ribbon, it may be best to use a glue gun, this way the rhinestones or sequins will stay securely onto the ribbons without worries of them falling off easily.

DIY wedding favors can be easy and a lot of fun only if time allows it.  This idea is only recommended to those who love arts and crafts and loves attention to detail.

DIY Bride also has some great ideas for handmade wedding favors if you are considering the DIY route.

~ Lindsey