Introducing Video Capabilities from The Wedding Lens!

You already have a photographer, but you also want to see the wedding from the perspective of your guests.  Instead of putting disposable cameras on every table, you already decided that you’d save some money & the environment by asking your friends to upload their photos into one, online wedding album on The Wedding Lens. After all, unlike other sites, there’s unlimited size uploads and downloads on The Wedding Lens.
But, you ask, what about all the videos your friends are taking on their cameras? You’d hate to find them on youtube, searchable by the whole wide world. But you do want your guests to be able to see those great personal videos of your vows, the speeches, and your first dance.

Introducing…. VIDEO capability on The Wedding Lens!  It’s true!
Starting now, with a premium wedding album, you and your guests can upload as much video as you want! And if you see a video you want, you can download it directly onto your computer! You can even embed the video on your own website or blog!

Here’s an idea of what the video will look like (though this isn’t a video – just an image of what it will be like!)

So now all your photo & video sharing woes are solved — all with The Wedding Lens!
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