How To Get into the Weddings & Celebrations Section

 I am obsessed with reading the New York Times Weddings & Celebrations section, published on Sundays.  I love reading the stories of how people met and how they stayed together or overcame obstacles.  I am aware, however, of a growing population that wants to be in the section. I have noticed some trends that, I suppose, might help you get published. Here are my tips:

  • Get married in the winter. There are FAR fewer stories in the winter than the summer. Surely the odds of getting published are higher when there are fewer weddings occurring. It’s too cold to get married in the winter? Well, then you wont get published. Unless… something else applies.
  • Be famous.
  • Become famous.
  • Be related or marry someone who is related to someone famous.
  • Work for The New York Times.
  • Get a job at The New York Times. (And get to know the people in the Weddings & Celebrations section)
  • Be related or marry someone who works for The New York Times.
  • Do a statistical analysis of the gender and ethnicity breakdown to figure out the best time to get hitched. I know, it’s complicated. But there are always a certain percentage of minority couples (or partial minority couples) and there is also a ration of gay:straight marriages listed. I have not done this research, but if you are THAT determined, I’m guessing there are times of the year when you could benefit from these statistics. I’m just saying.
  • Be super duper interesting. I don’t know where the line is on just kinda interesting verses super duper, but it’s somewhere. And it will help your odds.
  • Hope.

In all seriousness, if you’re interested in submitting your wedding announcement, The Wedding Bee has a guide with what the Times accepts and how to submit your announcement. And HERE is another guide to how to submit your announcement. Have you been in The New York Times Weddings & Celebrations section?? Tell us how!

~ Natasha