Top Ten Wedding Favor Ideas!

photo from The Wedding Lens!

Obviously there are a million ideas out there for wedding favors — from books to photos to plants. But sometimes it’s helpful to see the famous top ten. Here, my friends, are some great ideas for favors.

  1. Seeds. Give out seeds for a plant or flowers. You can order personalized seed packets or stickers with your names & the date on them so people will remember where they got them from!
  2. Tea. At one wedding I went to, they had cute little boxes of tea. They’re really cute, have a sticker with the couples’ names on it, and it’s useful (and tastey!)
  3. Boxes of chocolate. A box of chocolate can range from a little box with a single truffle to a little hand made packet with M&Ms in it. Obviously the type of chocolate can depend on your price range — and your taste buds!
  4. Donations. I think donating is a great way to give back to your community, so why not do it as a favor for your wedding? You can either print a card for the table that says something like “In lieu of favors, we donated to….” or have the DJ make the announcement. Or just break tradition and dont say anything, knowing that you did a good thing.
  5. Eco-friendly grocery bags. Help the environment AND help your friends get their groceries. You can print your names and the date or put a silly picture on it.
  6. Bottles of booze. Ok, I don’t literally mean that you should buy your pals a fifth of vodka, but something like that. Two friends of mine gave out bottles of limoncello… but not just any limoncello! They MADE it themselves, bottled it in adorable bottles, corked ’em and then put tags on the bottles so that they served as the placecards too. (In other words, each tag said someone’s name and their table number)
  7. Candles. How about getting a lovely scented candle? Or perhaps a candle in a candle holder with your name on it? It’s small, useable, and creates ambiance. And it’s different.
  8. Mints. You can get little boxes of mints!
  9. Coasters. There are a lot of different kinds of coasters out there that you could give out. Nice ones with your names and the date, or a photo coaster, or a class one, or a styrofoam one. You can also buy either plain ones or frame ones yourself and write or place stickers on them to personalize them.
  10. Photo / Picture frame. You can give out a photo of you and your significant other in a frame — or just the frame itself! People can put a photo of themselves at your wedding in the frame! You can also give out one per couple if you want to.

DO you have other creative favor ideas? Share ’em!

~ Natasha

Green Wedding Tips: Favors & Centerpieces!

This is the fifth part of our series on green wedding tips. Another area of green wedding tips that people should think about is favors & centerpieces! And here are some different ideas for favors.

Consider stacking your favors, like boxes of tea like this, as the centerpiece! Photo from The Wedding Lens

  • Donate as the favor. Instead of buying things that might get tossed into a drawer, consider donating money to a charity as the favor. Have the DJ announce this donation, instead of printing paper notes that say so. If you do want to print cards that tell guests of the donation, consider printing one per table instead of one per guest. Tip: Don’t say that you donated “on behalf of” your guests! You don’t want people to get upset that you donated on their behalf to an organization that they may not support.
  • Plant a tree as a favor. Plant a tree (or many trees) as the favor to your guests. You can tell them (via a DJ, not printed paper!) where you planted and what kind of trees you planted.
  • Give seeds. Give seeds as the favor so that people can plant on their own plants or flowers. You can print stickers or order seeds that have your names & date of the wedding on it, if you want to make it more personal.
  • Give a basket of green products. Come up with a list of some green products and items and give those as the favor. For example, seeds, cleaning products, or other biodegradable products.
  • Make the favors the centerpieces. By using the favors as the decorative centerpiece, you don’t have to use more flowers or purchase other decorative items. And hopefully the favors will be useful and re-useable.

Have other ideas? Tell us!

~ Natasha

Wedding Cigars

Someone recently asked me about wedding cigars — which was conveniently only a few weeks after I had my first wedding cigar! It turns out that there are lots of ideas when it comes to the wedding cigar, so I thought I would share.

Photo From Lucies Events & Weddings

Photo From Lucie's Events & Weddings

What is a wedding cigar?

Well, it’s a cigar that either is given out at a wedding (as a favor, for example) or is given out to be smoked at the wedding to celebrate.

Where do people smoke the cigars?

Assuming that the cigars are given out as part of the wedding celebration, there are two options: outside or a designated smoking room. If you are interested in having people celebrate with cigars, make sure that you find out if the venue allows smoking! Also be sure that you direct your guests to the designated smoking area. (Note to winter weddings where it’s cold: outside might not be an option if you want people to enjoy them!)

Either way, make sure that wherever you allow people to smoke cigars does not intrude on those people who can’t stand smoke or are allergic to smoke. Don’t let the cigar smoke ruin the evening for non-smokers.

What kind of cigars should we use?

There are a number of kinds of cigars that might be appropriate for a wedding.  You can buy in advance or have a cigar bar (see below!) which would have a number of kinds of cigars and/or allow people to roll fresh cigars. One great tip on cigars and weddings: make sure the cigars aren’t too big! You dont want your guests being gone for hours smoking a ridiculously large cigar.

How should we hand them out? (aka What’s a cigar bar?)

My friends just handed them out at the end of the night, in front of the venue. The idea was that most people were heading to an after party with the brides and it was a celebration/continue the party while walking to the afterparty. It was very informal.

If you want something more grand, you can have a cigar bar – a bar that has cigars! You can DIY and just buy different types of cigars that people can choose from. Or, there are services that will set up a bar for you and have different types. Or, another option is to have a cigar rolling bar where people can roll their own cigars (obviously this is the most expensive option!). Rolled cigars are more fresh and taste different than the store bought, so that might impact your decision, too.

Hope that helps! Happy smoking!

~ Natasha

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Best of The Wedding Lens Blog

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I decided that it would be nice to review some of the “Best of” blogs.  This is based on your comments, number of views, and the feedback that I have received. So without further ado….

Since those posts were created, we also developed two FABULOUS lists. One is 75 Cheap Wedding Tips and the other is 50 Green Wedding Tips. We think these lists will help you plan cost-effective, green weddings by doing small things that don’t compromise the quality, class, and dream wedding you’ve always imagined. 

Also, always remember to consider our FREE photo albums for your wedding!

Do you have other favorites? Tell us!

~ Natasha

Wedding Favors

One of the best wedding favors I have ever seen is a little card that was placed at each seat which read (something like): “In lieu of a wedding favor, a donation has been made to the American Cancer Society.” It was a wonderful favor, partly because a close relative of one of of the people in the wedding party had recently passed away from cancer and because it financial sense for the couple to do so.

If you decide to do a donation in lieu of a favor, make sure that you do not donate to something that would be offensive to the guests — ie a political organization. Also, be sure not to donate in the guest’s name. You might think that you came up with a neutral organization, but some people may not want their name associated with that kind of contribution.  

If you would rather give a favor that the guests can take home, there are plenty of great ideas out there. Here’s a brief list:

Want more ideas? MyWeddingFavorsBlog.Com offers links to a variety of different kinds of favors (including how much they are and where to buy them).

Happy Favoring!

~ Natasha