Green Wedding Gift Ideas!

If you’ve followed the green trend in wedding planning, then I’m sure you’ve seen this FABULOUS list of 50 Green Wedding Tips. But if you’re not the wedding planner, what can you do to be green? Among other things, try giving a green wedding gift!

Photo from The Wedding Lens

Photo from The Wedding Lens

  • Give the gift of an experience, instead of a thing. Try a gift certificate for a restaurant (that serves organic food, maybe?) or a pass to national parks (if they like hiking) or a museum pass (if they’re into art) or cooking classes.
  • Try giving energy efficient appliances or kitchen utensils, like an energy efficient slow cooker.
  • Green household items: organic towels, nontoxic cleaning products, biodegradable items — you get the idea.
  • Gardening guide and/or seeds to start a garden.
  • Donate in the couples name to an organization that you both would support.
  • If you do buy a regular gift, consider not wrapping the gift or wrapping in newspaper.
  • Give the gift of an online photo album where all the guests can upload their photos. This saves the couple from having to put disposable cameras on each table or having to print a bunch of blurry photos, but ensures that they get to see the wedding from your perspective!

Looking for more ideas? Check out The Daily Green’s gift ideas list and GreenEleganceWeddings green gift ideas!

~ Natasha